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Published on January 23rd, 2017 | by Michelle Roper-Shaw

National Handwriting Day

Today in National Handwriting Day. It is a day to stop typing on your keyboard, swiping on your tablet or phone and pick up a pen and paper.

Whether you rediscover the pleasure of writing a letter to a long distant friend or catch up with thank you letters for your Christmas gifts, today is the day to celebrate the joy of writing.

Say Thank You with a Letter

thank you letter

Say it with a thank you letter

Before leaving the White House last week, President Obama wrote a thank you letter to the American people.

Whilst Christmas may now be a distant memory, have you followed Obama’s example and written thank notes to family and friends? In years gone by, we would be horrified at the thought of not writing a thank you note to granny by the end of January.

Yet, according to a recent survey of 1000 teenagers, 50% of 13-19 year olds admit they have never written a thank you note.  Today is the day to stop and take an hour or so out of your day to show someone how much you appreciate them. A letter can say so much more than a brief text or social media message.

Keeping Handwriting Alive in Schools

writing in the classroom

National Handwriting Day is being marked with a number of events across UK schools. Children up and down the country will be finding out more about the importance of handwriting.

With computers and mobile phones increasingly taking over how we learn and work, handwriting is continually under threat. Some schools are even moving the emphasis away from teaching handwriting skills to presenting work in digital formats.

However, handwriting remains an important life skill. As we covered in a previous article If You Want to Remember Something, Write It Down we are more likely to retain and recall information when we write it down. In fact, it has been found that school children actually write faster than they can type.

Berol Pens, A Classroom Favourite

Berol handwriting pen

We can all remember that exciting day from our childhood when our teacher let us put our pencil down and start writing with a pen. For many of us, this important milestone was put into practice with a Berol pen. A best seller for over 40 years, Berol pens assist children in controlling their writing speed, letter spacing and size.

These water based, washable ink pens remain as popular today with teachers and children. The plastic nib helps children to develop better writing control and therefore improves young writing skills.  In addition, Berol pens will not dry out when you lose the lid for at least 14 days. Berol Handwriting Pens Twinpacks are available in Blue or Black ink at the Post Office Shop.  You can order yours today with next working day delivery.

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