Published on October 9th, 2015 | by Rob Stebbings


Moving Jobs Next Week? 6 Tips For New Starters

The first week in the office can be a daunting prospect when starting a new job, so if that’s going to be you come Monday, here’s a few handy tips to consider over the weekend:

Blend in with colleagues

The likelihood is that having attended the office concerned on one or more occasions for an interview, an individual will have a much clearer idea on the appropriate attire to wear day to day. In many instances the rather formal look adopted for an interview will be ditched for more casual attire. Therefore, following how the majority of employees present themselves is advised.

Keep notebooks or notepads to hand

There is always plenty of information to absorb in the first few days of any new job, from an array of new colleagues’ names to remember, password log-in details as well as correct settings to use for printers and other office equipment.  So being able to jot all these important points down rather than have to ask again at a later date is highly desirable.

Taking notes







Learn the culture

It’s all very well reading the official handbook and taking on board the various rules and regulations of an organisation which will be conveyed during an induction session, but fitting in with the team culture will only come after time – by noting and observing the way things are done.

Embrace the office tea round

Offering to make a round of hot drinks will not only endear an individual to the wider team but can also be a quick and easy way to get to know all those new colleagues. Doing a tea round helps with remembering names of co-workers and for starting to get to know them a little better. Don’t try and learn all the catering requirements of the team first time round though, it’s nigh impossible to remember who wants what brew at the outset which is where post-it notes come in very handy!

Office tea round







Take the initiative

It’s unlikely that any new starter will be thrown straight into the deep end as it can take a few days to find your feet. Nevertheless, it is strongly advised to take the initiative and be a self-starter – after all it’s probably something that was described as essential at the interview stage so now it’s time to prove it! Being proactive and seeking more work before being asked is one such suggestion.

Arrive early and stay late – to a point

There’s a fine balance here. It is important for a new starter not to be seen as a ‘clock watcher’ demonstrating an enthusiasm to be part of the team ethic from the outset. Whilst showing dedication to a new job is one thing, it can also be somewhat of a dangerous precedent to burn the midnight oil on a regular basis; not only will it become a habit an employer may then expect from you all the time but it may also convey a lack of productivity and raise question marks about efficiency.

Burning midnight oil










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