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Published on March 18th, 2019 | by Sam Rose

Most Valuable UK Stamps Revealed!

It’s time to check your stamp collections – the most valuable UK stamps have been revealed and could be worth up to £550,000!

If you don’t regularly collect UK postage stamps or themed stamps issues, then you may not be aware of what the most valuable UK stamps are.

But even if you are an avid philatelist, it’s worth having a look through your stamp collection for any of the stamps featured in our list below, as they could earn you a hefty sum!

Make sure to read on below as the most valuable UK stamps are revealed!

Most Valuable UK Stamps

The Postal Union Congress £1 Stamp

Postal Union Congress Stamp

Estimated worth: £1,000

Why is it so valuable?

Starting off our list of the most valuable UK stamps is the Postal Union Congress £1 Stamp which is worth an estimated £1,000.

Released in 1929, the Postal Union stamp is widely considered by many to be one of the most beautiful and iconic stamps to have been released in the UK.

Curiously, it was disliked by the press and collectors at first. However in more modern times, it is now considered to be a “design classic” and is only the second British commemorative stamp to ever have been issued.

Uncovering just a standard version of this stamp could earn you £1,000 due to it’s historic and initially divisive nature.

The Two Penny Blue

Two Penny Blue

Estimated worth: £10,000

Why is it so valuable?

Next on our list of the most valuable UK stamps is The Two Penny Blue, first issued in 1840.

If this stamp looks important, that’s certainly because it is – it is the world’s second official postage stamp to have been issued!

Bearing a few similarities to the Penny Black, this stamp was only around for a short period, making it quite well sought after.

The most valuable version of The Two Penny Blue is the extremely scarce First Editions. They are identifiable by the lack of white lines above and below the profile of Queen Victoria on the design.

Finding one of these editions in your collection could fetch you nearly £10,000!

1884 £1 Brown Lilac Stamp

Queen Victoria Brown Lilac 1884

Estimated worth: £21,000

Why is it so valuable?

We’re stepping things up a gear now as we showcase another of our featured valuable UK stamps, the 1884 £1 Brown Lilac Stamp.

Many stamps and collectibles from the Victorian era are often some of the most rare and valuable to obtain, and this stamp is certainly no different!

Issued in 1884, the 1884 £1 Brown Lilac Stamp is considered to be one of the rarest to have been produced during the Victorian era.

But if you are seeking the most coveted version of the stamp, then check as to if your version features the original gum adhesive on the back that is used to stick it to an envelope or parcel.

Finding one of these could be worth as much as £21,000 – the same price as is currently listed on the Stanley Gibbons website!

The Penny Black

Penny Black

Estimated worth: £45,000

Why is it so valuable?

We would have been stunned had we not seen The Penny Black feature in this list of valuable UK stamps and to no surprise, it certainly does!

To many, this is an instantly recognisable design and is known within the philately circle as the most iconic stamp in the world.

Issued in 1863, 68 million of The Penny Black stamps were produced and remain one of the most sort after stamps in postage history. The real value however, is if you own one in a perfect mint condition.

If you are lucky enough to have kept this stamp well-preserved, then it could worth up to £45,000 as a recent auction at Spink auction house in 2017 indicates!

Edward VII 2d Tyrian Plum

1st Class - King Edward VII

Estimated worth: £102,000

Why is it so valuable?

As you might be able to tell, the value of the most valuable UK stamps is continuing to climb within our list, and the Edward VII 2d Tyrian Plum enters into the 6 digit mark!

You may recognise this particular design as being featured in the recent Stamp Classics issue.

Aside from that however, the Tyrian Plum stamp remains a valuable commodity due to the circumstances surrounding its issue in 1910.

A stamp that was released during King Edward VII’s reign, one hundred thousand sheets of this design were produced.

However, due to King Edward’s untimely passing a short time after they were issued, most of The Tyrian Plum were never sold and most were destroyed.

But if you were to have one in your possession from one of the very few that survived, then it could be worth a hefty £102,000 if a recent auction at Spink auction house is anything to go by!

Roses Error Stamp

Roses Error Stamp

Estimated worth: £130,000

Why is it so valuable?

The stamp that ranks in third place of the most valuable mistakes is a stamp that materialized due to printing error and is known as the Roses Error Stamp.

In fact, the mistake on this design is quite a glaringly obvious one – Roses Error Stamps have been printed without a 13p price on them!

We would suggest it’s quite difficult to come across one of these design errors however.

Although the stamp was issued in 1978, there are only three of these designs that contain the printing error.

Just to indicate the magnitude of their rarity, two of the Roses Error Stamps are owned by the Queen!

If you happen to stumble across the remaining Roses Error stamp however, it could be worth an estimated £130,000!

Edward VII 6d Pale Dull Purple I.R. Official

Edward Stamp

Estimated worth: £400,000

Why is it so valuable?

Moving onto the second most valuable UK stamp now, the Edward VII 6d Pale Dull Purple I.R. Official is almost as scarce as it gets – which also makes it worth just under half a million pounds!

It’s rarity arises from the fact it was withdrawn from issue almost as soon as it was first released in 1904.

Just to add to its prestige, a very limited number of the stamps were printed, making it extremely difficult to find and add to a collection.

Grab hold of one though, and a recent auction suggests that the Edward VII 6d Pale Dull Purple I.R. Official could be worth an eye-watering £400,000!

Plate 77 Penny Red

Penny Red

Estimated worth: £550,000

Why is it so valuable?

It’s time to reveal one of the most valuable UK stamps in existence – the Plate 77 Penny Red.

If the fact that this is the most expensive stamp that Stanley Gibbons has ever sold doesn’t make it clear why this one of the most valuable and rare UK stamps to own, then we’re not sure what will!

A rare version of this design sold for a monumental price in 2012£550,000!

It is said that around two billion of the Penny Reds were printed for issue, but arguably the most treasured and valuable are those printed from plate 77.

Whilst issued in 1963, the test sheets of the Penny Red from plate 77 contained imperfections and several from the batch made it into circulation.

It’s been confirmed that only four mint conditions of the stamps and five used versions are the only ones in existence, however.

Therefore, if you have a Penny Red in your collection, it could certainly worth double checking in case it contains the 77 plate number – look in the middle of the left and right hand side markings is the advice (but you may need a magnifying glass to see the plate number clearly!)

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