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Published on February 19th, 2019 | by Sam Rose

Marvel Special Stamps – Epic Has Arrived!

It’s time to don your super suit – Marvel Special Stamps are here, and epic has arrived!

In what has gone on to become a global phenomenon and gigantic film/multimedia franchise, Marvel are now taking their boldest leap yet – into the world of stamps courtesy of Marvel Special Stamps from the Royal Mail!

Thrilling generations of fans since introducing its first comic strips in 1961, Marvel Comics has seen many talented and legendary creators weave the dramatic tales of some of Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains into the ever-expanding Marvel Multiverse including the likes of Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby and the UK’s very own Alan Davis.

A British Invasion

In fact, with his creative involvement, Alan Davis has been wildly successful in helping the Marvel Universe not only take hold of the US and other countries but has been instrumental in placing Marvel at the forefront of the UK comic scene too.

The introduction of exciting and new dynamic characters such as Captain Britain and Union Jack into the Marvel Multiverse has only gone to increase the soaring popularity of the Marvel comics and multimedia franchise.

With his amazing illustrations and captivating character development, Davis has gone on to establish himself as a key influence in fusing the fascinating worlds of Marvel™ and Marvel UK together in a glorious fashion.

Heroes of the Marvel Universe

Whether you are new to the Marvel Universe or are an avid fan of the superhero and superheroine fueled phenomenon, Royal Mail’s Marvel Special Stamps Issue contains 10 of the most iconic and empowering heroes, spanning from both the Marvel and Marvel UK worlds.

Check out our helpful fact files below on each of the characters featured in this spectacular Marvel Special Stamps Issue below.

Doctor Strange

Project Stanley Doctor Strange

First Appearance:

Strange Tales #110 (July 1963)

Character Background:

Revered by his peers as being a brilliant yet vain surgeon, Stephen Strange was subject to a horrific car accident which left his hands severely damaged.

Realising how this would have a catastrophic effect on his career, Strange travels across the world in attempts to repair his hands, before encountering the Ancient One.

Strange then becomes a practitioner of both the mystical and martial arts under the tutelage of the old Sorcerer Supreme and adorns the persona of Doctor Strange.

Special Abilities:

After becoming the new Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange vows to protect the Earth from both magical and mystical threats using his new-found powers.

His Cloak of Levitation allows him to take flight and the Eye of Agamotto enables him to become a master of magic, alongside his genius-level intellect and skilled use of Martial Arts.


Project Stanley Thor

First Appearance:

Journey into Mystery #83 (August 1962)

Character Background:

Thor is the Norse God of Thunder. After his father, Odin, decides that he wishes for his son to be taught humility, Thor takes over the body and memories of a partially disabled human medical student named Donald Blake.

After discovering a hammer disguised as a walking stick (known as Mjolnir), Blake strikes the stick against a rock, activating it and transforming him into Thor, the Thunder God.

Shortly after rediscovering his powers, Thor’s time spent in human form on Earth ends and the Norse God embarks on an epic mission to protect both his homeland of Asgard and Earth whilst joining up as part of The Avengers.

Special Abilities:

Already blessed with superhuman feats of strength, speed and durability, Thor can use his hammer, Mjolnir, to further expand his impressive powers.

When using Mjolnir, Thor can teleport through dimensions, manipulate electricity, take flight and control elements of the weather.

Captain Marvel

Project Stanley Captain Marvel

First Appearance:

Marvel Super-Heroes #12 (December 1967)

Character Background:

Beginning life as an Air Force officer, Carol Danvers soon encounters a hero from an alien tribe (Kree) known as Captain Mar-Vell.

Whilst posing as a scientist named Walter Lawson, Captain Mar-Vell and Danvers are involved in a freak accident explosion, with the explosion combining their DNA as a result.

After the accident, Danvers discovers that she too now has super powers and initially adopts the moniker of Ms. Marvel, fighting along Captain Mar-Vell before Mar-Vell is killed in action.

Danvers then takes on the mantle of Captain Marvel as a mark of respect and to honor the legacy of Captain Mar-Vell.

Special Abilities:

Like Thor, Captain Marvel can attain superior levels of speed, strength and endurance.

Additionally, Marvel can fly, use cosmic awareness and absorb solar energy along with also being able to project it.


Project Stanley Spider-man

First Appearance:

Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962)

Character Background:

Beginning life as mild-mannered teenager, Peter Parker’s world is transformed after being bitten by a radioactive spider during a visit to a science exhibit.

With the accident giving Parker new abilities akin to that of a spider, things take a dark turn after witnessing the murder of his Uncle, Uncle Ben.

Swearing to use his new-given abilities to protect and help others in need, Peter Parker adopts the alias of Spider-Man whilst attempting to juggle his new powers and learning that “with great power comes great responsibility”.

Special Abilities:

Adorning a red and black suit, Spider-Man can use the attributes of a spider to his advantage.

Spider-Man can cling and hang from surfaces, project both thin and thick spider-webs from mounted devices in his wrists and use his ‘Spider-Sense’, an ability that allows him to sense incoming danger.

Black Panther

Project Stanley Black Panther

First Appearance:

Fantastic Four #52 (July 1966)

Character Background:

Following on in the footsteps of those before him, T’Challa is the ruler of the fictional African nation of Wakanda.

After his father, T’Chaka, is murdered by an adventurer named Ulysses Klaw when an attempt to search for a valuable mound of vibranium goes awry, T’Challa vows to avenge his father’s death and protect the people of Wakanda by becoming the Black Panther.

Travelling to America to learn more about its heroes, T’Challa soon discovers the super-hero unit known as The Avengers and joins them in their quest to protect the universe from all manner of evil forces.

Special Abilities:

Black Panther’s main source of power comes from his utilization of a vibranium suit, which enables him to use a range of different technological equipment and harness the powers of the Black Panthers that ruled Wakanda before him.

He is also naturally intelligent and can use an extensive range of Martial Arts skills, whilst harnessing his creative mind to invent new tools to help him in his battles.


Project Stanley Hulk

First Appearance:

The Incredible Hulk #1 (May 1962)

Character Background:

Dr. Robert Bruce Banner starts life relatively under the radar – with many who encounter him regarding Banner as being socially withdrawn and emotionally reserved.

After accidently being exposed to gamma rays during the detonation of a bomb in an experiment, Banner soon realizes that the incident transforms him into a green skinned behemoth which he terms as The Hulk whenever he experiences emotional stress.

The Hulk is referred to as one of the Marvel Universes’ most powerful yet misunderstood superheroes, as he often finds he is feared by the same world he dedicates himself to protect.

Special Abilities

When transforming into the Hulk, Banner holds one of the most powerful abilities known to man – invulnerability.

With his tank like presence, the Hulk can go on destructive rampages using his superhuman levels of strength, speed and supreme durability.

Peggy Carter

Project Stanley Peggy Carter

First Appearance:

Tales of Suspense #77 (May 1966)

Character Background:

First joining the French Resistance as a teenager, Peggy Carter becomes a skilled fighter after forming a partnership with her love interest at the time, Captain America.

Using a combination of both brains and brawn, Peggy Carter and Captain America fight against the Axis powers together before eventually being separated by the ongoing conflict.

Carter eventually becomes a leading agent of the organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division), a unit set up to fend off the evil criminal organization Hydra.

Special Abilities:

Whilst Carter doesn’t possess any superhuman abilities, she is able to use her extensive skills in espionage and experience in combat in order to fight back against her foes.

Union Jack

Project Stanley Union Jack

First Appearance:

Invaders #7 (July 1976)

Character Background:

The alias of Union Jack was originally first taken on by Lord James Falsworth, a former solider in the First World War.

After his descendant refused to take on role of the next Union Jack, a working-class son of a shipbuilder called Joey Chapman, dons the costume and the responsibilities that come with it to help Captain America in his fight against the vampire, Baron Blood.

Chapman is later possessed by a spirit known as the Pendragon. The spirit heals him of his injuries and gives Chapman some mystical added abilities when fighting alongside the Knights of the Pendragon and as part of a collective known as the Invaders.

Special Abilities:

Using an exoskeleton armored suit, Union Jack is a skilled athlete, using his peak physical condition to traverse across the environment.

As a Pendragon, Union Jack also inherits mystically enhanced strength, sense and speed, while carrying with him a striking staff, handguns and a silver edged dagger for combat situations.

Captain Britain

Project Stanley Captain Britain

First Appearance:

Captain Britain #1 (October 1976)

Character Background:

Whilst initially regarded as a shy and studious youth, the aftermath of the death of Brian Braddocks’s parents in a freak laboratory accident sees Brian Braddock take a fellowship at a nuclear research centre named Darkmoor.

Braddock is soon thrust into action after the facility is attacked by a technological criminal known as The Reaver, whilst Braddock frantically searches for help by escaping the premises using his motorcycle.

After crashing his bike in an almost fatal accident, Braddock is visited by Meryln and his daughter, Roma. During his vision, Braddock is offered a choice of choosing to use the Amulet of Right or the Sword of Might in order to become a superhero.

Opting to choose the amulet over the sword, Braddock transforms into Captain Britain, later learning he is part of a multidimensional group known as the Captain Britain Corps.

Special Abilities:

Once fully transformed into the superhero Captain Britain, Britain can conjure a variety of cosmic powers including force fields, energy beams and the ability to take flight at supersonic speeds.

Using his costume, Captain Britain also possesses enhanced perceptions that allow him to become aware of things that others may sometimes miss, such as invisible objects and other things in the environment masked by illusion.

Iron Man

Project Stanley Iron Man

First Appearance:

Tales of Suspense #39 (March 1963)

Character Background:

Both loved and hated by many, the successful business magnate and scientist Tony Stark is kidnapped by terrorists who wish for Stark to use his expertise to create a weapon of mass destruction.

In a bid to escape his captivity, Stark instead builds a powered suit made of iron to defeat the terrorists and to help keep him alive after suffering a severe injury to his chest.

Once back at his mansion, Stark further develops the suit, adding weapons and other technological devices he helped to design through the work of his company, Stark Industries.

Stark then uses the suit to become Iron Man, helping to protect the world from danger and eventually joining up to aid the efforts of the superhero unit, The Avengers.

Special Abilities:

Using his powered armor suit, Iron Man has access to a plethora of weapons and tools including an energy repulsor and missile projectors.

With a chest component of the suit providing Stark with regenerative life support, Iron Man also possesses superhuman strength and the ability to take flight.

Suit Up with Marvel Special Stamps and Collectibles

Each of these exciting Marvel Special Stamps designs are ready to leap off the page and come to life and are the perfect collectible for any action fan or comic book enthusiast! These heroic Marvel Special Stamps are included in a vibrant and captivating Presentation Pack containing each featured Marvel Special Stamps hero in all their glory and in superb detailed action shots.

Marvel Special Stamps Main Blog Article

Also included in this magnificent Marvel Special Stamps issue are character specific Marvel Special StampMedal Covers – Hulk and Spider-Man, a Prestige Stamp Book filled with enthralling panes of high quality images and succinct details and an esteemed collection of Framed Stamp Products, available in two different styles: as a Collectors Sheet or as a Presentation Pack with accompanying Minisheet.

Special Stamp and Marvel Fans, assemble!

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