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Published on May 2nd, 2019 | by Sam Rose

Marking Engineering Brilliance with British Engineering Special Stamps

The start of May sees the Royal Mail celebrating British engineering brilliance with their British Engineering Special Stamps issue!

Following this year’s theme of ‘Best of British’ for the Special Stamps Calendar for 2019, Royal Mail have issued a brand new Special Stamps collection devoted to remarkable advances in British Engineering.

This British Engineering Special Stamps issue helps to celebrate the projects and creations which showcase and demonstrate the extraordinary range of engineering disciplines that British engineers work in and highlights the projects themselves.

Some of the innovations that are celebrated have won the prestigious MacRobert Award bestowed by the Royal Academy of Engineering, known as the UK’s most prestigious and longest running award for engineering innovation.

The award itself will celebrate its 50th birthday this year.

Find out more about the incredible British engineering projects featured in this latest British Engineering Special Stamps release below.

1st Class – Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Special Stamp

Measuring at just the size of a credit card, the Raspberry Pi can be considered to be tiny in its stature. It’s sales since invention however, certainly aren’t!

Over 20 million of the Raspberry Pi microcomputers have single handedly helped to revolutionize education in both computer science and programming worldwide.

1st Class – Falkirk Wheel

Falkirk Wheel Special Stamp

The Falkirk Wheel is a collaboration between British engineers and architects, who together, were able to create the very first and only rotating boat lift.

Its invention led to the joining of two major Scottish canals (the Union Canal and the Forth & Clyde Canal) for the first time in 70 years whilst also maintaining a reputation for being a phenomenal and beautiful looking structure for all to see.

£1.55 – Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter Special Stamp

In modern times, we will often hear of how much of the urban areas within the country are poor in air quality.

Compared to almost 50 years ago however, and our cars and other vehicles now cause far less pollution than they did before.

This is all thanks to Three-Way Catalytic Converters which were invented to scrub car exhausts of creating harmful gases.

£1.55 – Crossrail

Crossrail Special Stamp

The Crossrail project has been colossal just for the amount of considerations that are required in order for it to succeed.

In order to connect the suburbs across London using Crossrail, it will require 13 miles (21km) of twin tunnels to be bored underneath the city.

The bored tunnels also have to navigate under existing sewers, Tube train tunnels and even building foundations in order for Crossrail to become fully operational.

£1.60 – MRI Scanner

MRI Scanner Special Stamp

MRI Machines and MRI Scanners have become a vital resource for both hospitals and other health centres in current times.

Being able to routinely monitor imaging of our bodies would perhaps not have been made possible if it wasn’t for the research carried out by British engineers at Oxford Instruments.

Their work experimenting with superconducting magnets is a key reason as to why the breakout invention of the MRI Scanner came to be.

£1.60 – Bone Graft

Bone Graft Special Stamp

It was incredible British engineering work that lead to the discovery and creation of Bone Grafts.

These uniquely engineered materials help to encourage bone growth and are used in a number of complex orthopaedic surgeries when operating on bone fractures and breakages.

The invention of the Bone Graft has improved the outcomes for nearly hundreds of thousands of patients who have had injuries worldwide.

Celebrate Exceptional Engineering Breakthroughs With British Engineering Special Stamps

Each of these 6 momentous stamp designs showcasing the finest in British engineering are contained in the British Engineering Presentation Pack.

This exceptionally crafted fold-out-pack also features a miniature sheet marking 50 years since the invention of the Harrier Jump Jet – a modern marvel of British aircraft engineering.

It also contains colourful imagery and further diagrams to offer more information about each of these fascinating stamp subjects featured in the British Engineering Special Stamps issue.

Also released as part of this issue are a set of eleven Stamp Cards featuring an enlarged image of each of the individual stamps contained within this esteemed collection.

British Engineering Special Stamps Main Article Image

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