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Making A Few Tweaks Can Enhance Productivity In The Office

A recent global survey we have seen claims that two thirds of employees in Western Europe are not engaged in their work. What this potentially means is that productivity is probably lower than it should be in many instances.

But it’s not all bad news as we learn that making some simple adjustments to an office environment can do wonders for productivity as morale amongst employees improves consistent with them feeling happier and more engaged.

So here’s five ways to get started:

1.       Selecting the right colours

Many psychological experts have raised awareness of the impact different colours have on employees state of mind. Be it the colours of the walls, desk accessories  or notepads, it’s not just the type of colour that can be important in the office but also the intensity of the colour used. Amongst the experts in this field, Angela Wright claims that the following colour schemes are suggested depending on the nature of the business concerned:

  • Blue with a spot of orange is good for mind-work
  • Yellow is ideal for designers as it stimulates creativity
  • Red works best for any work that involves physical labour
  • Green is perfect for accountants or any line of work that involves exchanging money

2.       Don’t underestimate importance of natural light

Studies have shown that artificial light can be detrimental to an office employee’s sleep, activity and quality of life. Of particular note, it is widely thought that artificial light has an often immediate effect of putting people to sleep – never good when there’s a days work to be done.

3.       Work hard, play hard rings true

Google has set the bar extremely high by incorporating volleyball courts and heated swimming pools into its offices. But even at a lower scale within more realistic budgets, giving employees access to entertainment and leisure facilities that they can enjoy during their break times is shown to lower stress levels whilst boosting optimism, perseverance and concentration levels.

4.       Office work doesn’t always have to mean sitting at a desk

As our own survey recently revealed, many office workers are certainly not sitting comfortably at their workstation which can lead to a range of musculoskeletal and eye related ailments so it is important to consider alternatives for employees to be productive whilst not sat at their desks. Standing desks have become the new vogue amongst some firms while lounges with couches and floor cushions have been shown to work particularly well for informal meetings and brainstorming sessions.

5.       Don’t ignore Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Maslow’s much referenced hierarchy of needs reminds us that physiological needs are the primary requirement employees need to function and become productive so enabling them to have access to food, hot drinks and cold drinks as required will help ensure they stay focused and energized. However offering endless supplies of sweets and chocolate is not the answer. Sugary foods will cause glucose levels to drop rapidly after an initial surge so stocking the office with plenty of fruits is just the answer and also adds a further splash of colour so it’s a win win!

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