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Published on May 30th, 2018 | by Sarah Jubb

Make Your Life Flourish With Flowers

Did you know that today, May 30, is Water a Flower Day? Try to imagine a world without flowers and it would surely be a very boring place indeed. Aside from brightening our days and bringing splashes of colour to the countryside during spring and summer, there are many health benefits for us from bringing flowers into our lives. With today also being Wellbeing Wednesday, we’ll look at how plants can be a big benefit.

The UK has a long history of interest in flowers, with the most prestigious flower show in the world, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, ending on 26 May. The Royal Horticultural Society is a UK charity that aims to encourage Britain to become more involved in gardening and plants through campaigns such as School Gardening which aims to support schools to allow children to have the opportunity to improve their gardening skills.

Flowers To Improve Your Health

Many people enjoy receiving flowers and we often give them for a multitude of reasons; birthdays, anniversaries, births, people leaving the office and many more. They give the obvious benefit of immediately brightening up an area along with probably improving the smell as well.

But there are more reasons to enjoy bringing flowers into your life than just improving the décor. Flowers can help to improve your emotional health as just the simple act of receiving flowers can boost your morale. They often signify that someone has taken the time to think about you and think about your own wellbeing, meaning that every time you look at them you will remember a happy memory.


Make The Workplace Bloom For Better Performance

It’s not just your overall mental health that plants can help to improve, but also your cognitive performance. A study from a university in the Netherlands found that when workplaces have plants added, the cognitive performance of workers was found to be better than offices that were barren.

They can also help us to become more creative, making them the perfect accessories for any office. Along with this, just smelling flowers or plants can help to improve moods along with reducing anxiety levels, which makes sense when you think about how calming a walk amongst nature often can be.

How To Look After Your Own Plants?

While it may be easy to simply buy some flowers, and place them in some water in a vase, it’s important to find out how to properly care for them. Most plants will come with a helpful guide on how to improve the longevity and health of them, and these should be adhered to as closely as possible.

If you’re looking to add plants to your workplace, make sure that they are plants that can cope with a lack of sunlight often and don’t require as much care as normal. It’s also important to not under water them, otherwise your plant is likely to wilt but at the same time, don’t over water them either!

There are also some more unusual ways to look after your plants, which can include adding a small amount of carbonated drinks such as Sprite or 7UP. The sugar will help to make your flowers last longer!

Pay close attention and you’ll be able to keep your plant alive for longer, ensuring that you reap the benefits for longer in turn!

Flower Meadow

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