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Published on November 3rd, 2017 | by Michelle Roper-Shaw


Why We Love Fountain Pens

Today is Fountain Pen Day and it appears they are as popular as ever. Whether you are a collector or simply enjoy the experience of writing with a fountain pen, there is much to celebrate.

The Benefits of Writing with a Fountain Pen


In our article, earlier this year, we told you 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Fountain Pens. Yet, did you also realise that the fountain pen is the original ergonomic writing instrument? The combination of a contoured grip and a weighted feel in the hand naturally provide a comfortable writing experience. Also, over a period of time, a fountain pen nib, will adapt to your own personal writing style.


Fountain pens are eco-friendly. In the US alone, 1.6 billion plastic pens are thrown away each year, whereas a fountain pen can last for years.


Do you remember when you first wrote with a fountain pen as a child? How careful you were, taking time with every stroke of the pen to form your words?

As adults, going back to writing with a fountain pen can help us to take things a little slower. This in turn can help us to relax and gather our thoughts.

How to Care for Your Fountain Pen

looking after your fountain pen

If you look after your fountain pen properly it will last you a lifetime. Follow these essential top tips to get the best out of your fountain pen:

  • Make sure that you use your fountain pen regularly. Avoid leaving it to sit around full of ink for extended periods of time. If you do need to store your pen, flush it under a tap and then leave it empty of ink until you need to use it again.
  • Dust, dried ink and fibres can all build up in the nib and feed. Therefore, you need to clean your fountain pen every 4 to 8 weeks, even if you think they are still writing effectively.
  • Keep your fountain pen away from damp or sunlight.
  • Never store a fountain pen with the nib down.

Top Fountain Pens for Collectors

Parker 51 gold nibbed fountain pen

Just like collectible coins and special stamps, fountain pens are now becoming increasing popular with collectors,

In particular, Parker 51 fountain pens are much sought after. Gold capped versions can fetch over £2,000.

Although fountain pens from the 1970’s onwards are not as valuable, brands such as Montblanc tend to fetch large figures. A Montblanc limited edition pen from the 1990s can be worth over £1,500.

Fountain Pens for Everyday Use

9044115 Pilot V Disposable Liquid Ink Fountain Pen, Black, Pack of 12

If you want to start writing with a fountain pen again, this pack of 12 Pilot V Disposable Fountain Pens is a great way to start. Ideal for children and students, these pens also feature erasable ink so any mistakes can be easily corrected.

Parker Vector Black Barrel Fountain Pen

Parker is a brand synonymous with high quality design and style. The Parker Vector Black Barrel Fountain Pen is a great choice for the office or, for writing personal letters and invitations. In addition, its design ensures you have an optimal writing angle regardless as to whether you are left or right-handed.

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