Published on May 19th, 2015 | by Sarah Jubb

Keep Calm And Study

It’s that time of year again where young minds are busy studying for exams, whether they are GCSEs, AS and A-Levels or university level papers. As such, it can be an understandably stressful time, which is why we here at the Post Office Shop we have come up with some helpful tips in order to achieve the best possible outcome!

  • Take clear notes

Taking clear notes during class is vital when it comes to studying and revising in the lead up to exams. There can be nothing worse than going to look at your notebook and not being able to read what you’ve written, particularly for subjects such as history where dates and names are important. A good way to do this is to re-write your notes immediately after class; this not only ensures you can easily read and digest important information, but the repetition of re-writing them also helps to reinforce the information in your mind. Alternatively, try the Pilot FriXion pens that allow you to easily erase any unsightly mistakes, perfect for all your studying needs!

  • Colour code your notes

Use colourful fineliner or gel pens to colour code your revision notes or alternatively highlight important information in your notes or textbooks that needs to be remembered. This serves a purpose besides just making your notes look pretty as by colour coding information you are giving your brain visual clues to remember. It is a proven method to help improve memory as it is much easier to associate a specific topic with a colour. Once you get a system that works for you, recalling information should be much easier. A quick tip though, try not to overload your page with colour – this will have the opposite effect of not being helpful at all!

  • Create flash cards

Flash cards, also known as revision cards, cue cards and records cards, are the perfect way to jot down the most important information about a subject in order to summarise the most vital information to remember about a topic. They are easier to carry around with you than a big notebook and are the perfect way to give yourself a quick refresher just before sitting an examination. Try not to overload the cards, just note down the information you feel is most important, or perhaps just the notes you feel you are unsure about and cannot remember easily.

  • Take care of yourself

Studying and exams are obviously stressful times, which is why it is more important than ever to take care of yourself. Never study for too long as you may suffer studying fatigue and it could be more detrimental than helpful. Set yourself a timetable using an organiser or wall planner and schedule in your subjects.  Fresh air, exercise and plenty of breaks to eat and drink are vital while revising; this will improve concentration levels during those long studying hours.

  • Avoid any distractions

Something many people will know is that it can often be hard to stay focused while studying. The key to this is to minimise your distractions, choose somewhere to study that is quiet and peaceful. Try not to go on your phone or laptop in your study time; this is a sure-fire way to procrastinate! Music is an excellent way to relax and focus yourself; whether you block out the world with headphones or play it quietly with speakers.

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