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Published on March 7th, 2018 | by Sarah Jubb

Join The A-Z 10p Coin Hunt

The Royal Mint is celebrating what defines Britain as British with the release of the Quintessentially British A to Z series which will feature on 10p coins. This series, which runs alphabetically, sees each coin featuring an aspect of British culture or history for each letter.

The new coins will be circulated throughout the United Kingdom through the Post Office network during this first week of March, ensuring that they will hopefully soon begin to appear in everyone’s change. Additional coins will also be circulated in the relevant locations throughout 2018, making it a true ‘hunt’ to complete the 10p A-Z collection.


Why Were The A-Z Designs Chosen?

We may not think much of the designs on our coins as many will simply hand them over without a thought. But for those that enjoy looking at what design their coin has, it may be interesting for you to know that The Royal Mint has actually been making the coins for Britain for over 1,100 years.

As such, it is an intrinsic part of British culture, which has translated into the designs of these coins which each feature a tiny piece of artwork. To get as many members of the public, of all ages, involved in collecting the coin series it was devised to include various themes of British life including culture, sport, food and history.

The coins were designed by The Royal Mint’s team of highly skilled coin designers, who are also responsible for some of the most iconic coin designs that are both commemorative and those in circulation. Due to each coin featuring a special image or icon that represents Britain, they all have their own unique story and as such, the letters used have been integrated into the design purposefully.

A-Z 10p Coins Designs - Royal Mint

What Are The A-Z 10p Coins Designs?

With 2.6 million A-Z 10p coins being struck across the 26 designs that are currently circulating, there are plenty of 10p coins to be found. But what are the designs to complete your collection? We’ve listed the designs that are available below.

  • A – Angel of the North
  • B – James Bond
  • C – Cricket
  • D – Double Decker Bus
  • E – English Breakfast
  • F – Fish and Chips
  • G – Greenwich Mean Time
  • H – Houses of Parliament
  • I – Ice-Cream Cone
  • J – Jubilee
  • K – King Arthur
  • L – Loch Ness Monster
  • M – Mackintosh
  • N – National Health Service
  • O – Oak Tree
  • P – Post Box
  • Q- Queuing
  • R – Robin
  • S – Stonehenge
  • T – Teapot
  • U –Union Flag
  • V – Village
  • W – World Wide Web
  • X – X Marks The Spot
  • Y – Yeoman
  • Z – Zebra Crossing

If you want to find out more in depth information about the Great British Coin Hunt, then why not take a look at the Royal Mint website to explore the range of coins? For those who are interested in collecting coins, the Change Checker Collectors Album for 50p, £1 and £2 Coins is perfect for any beginner, available here on the Post Office Shop.

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