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Is January Getting You Down? It’s Time To Beat Blue Monday

There has been some debate as to actually when Blue Monday is supposed to be. Whilst it was claimed in some quarters that the most depressing day of the year was on Monday 6th January, the day we are officially supposed to feel miserable more than any other is today.

Mood dips at this time of the year are explained by the shorter days with less sunlight which are compounded by already-broken resolutions and Christmas debts.

According to Dr Laura Davidson who is a barrister and trustee of Mental Health Research UK, the convention of wearing black and grey outfits needs to change hence one piece of sound advice to combat the late January slump is by dressing brightly.

Mental Health Research UK is urging people to dress in colourful clothing today to highlight the plight of those who suffer from depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). But they also say a culture change needs to take place. It should no longer be the case that wearing only dark colours equates to professionalism.

As well as adding a splash of colour to your wardrobe to address Blue Monday, now is also the time to brighten up your desk with some radiant Linicolor or CepPro Gloss letter trays, pen pots, magazine files and waste bins.

SAD is a form of depression that apparently affects approximately 7 per cent of the British population between the months of September and April. It can be particularly severe during December, January and February.

Indeed people who take part in the event are being encouraged to make a voluntary donation of £2 to Mental Health Research UK by texting BLOO22 to 70070.

So other than adopting a more brightly coloured wardrobe for work (where company dress codes allow), whilst making a real difference to people who suffer from SAD, how can we beat the Monday blues?

  1. Exercise: As well as improving energy levels and your immune system it also triggers your brain to release endorphins
  2. Eat well: A healthy diet rich in omega-3 can help combat lethargy and low mood
  3. Be sociable: Face to face human contact stimulates certain physiological responses in the brain which benefit our mental health in a way that technology-based contact doesn’t

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