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It’s Official, The Average Workstation Is Deskgusting!

Did you know that the average desk contains more than 10 million germs on its surface? It’s a scary thought indeed so we thought we should encourage people to get cleaning more thoroughly and more frequently.

So we are asking the question – what germs and bacteria are lurking at YOUR workstation? There could be more nasties on your desk, computer and keyboard than in the bathroom at home. Scientific studies have proven that our keyboards can even contain harmful bacteria such as E-coli, MRSA, listeria and salmonella.

Germs and bacteria thrive in workstations so stopping them building up on your workstation is a must. As well as helping to prevent illness such as  headaches, eye strain and nausea, a clean and bacteria free workstation also helps prevents glitches to your equipment.

A recent hygeine survey by computer cleaning firm Durable found that an eye opening 75% of us claim to have dirty monitors yet do nothing to address it, whilst 90% of us eat lunch at our desks, filling cracks in keyboards and smearing screens and telephones with dust, dirt, food crumbs and drink stains. Truly a deskgusting thought isn’t it?!

What’s more the poll by Durable reveals that:

  • 82% of us feel we would work harder in a cleaner office
  • 22% of us do not wash our hands before preparing food at the office
  • 65% of office workers go on to share PC’s and telephones!
  • 72% of us pick our noses at work – yuk!
  • 90% of offices claim to have cleaners in every day and yet 65% of those who responded actually wished they had cleaned their equipment themselves
  • 71% of us think that bad desk hygiene can cause us to take more sickies
  • Most people wait well over two weeks for dirt to build up around their desks before they take action

So how do you get a sparkling clean workstation you might ask? Regular cleaning of all hard surfaces within the office environment using our range of Cleaning Sprays and Cleaning Wipes along with attention to personal hygiene will dramatically reduce the spread of diseases and viruses.

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