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Published on October 1st, 2018 | by Sam Rose

Grab a Brew on International Coffee Day

Whilst the first day in October usually marks the countdown towards Halloween, it’s also known as International Coffee Day! So grab a brew, settle down and enjoy our crazy coffee facts!

No matter which side of the coffee versus tea debate you might be on, there’s no arguing when it comes to the nation’s favourite hot beverage! Recent research suggests that Britain is now drinking over 2.1 billion cups of coffee a year. That’s in contrast to just 874 million cups of tea we drink on a yearly basis. To celebrate this triumphant victory for all things coffee on International Coffee Day, we thought we’d take a quick look at the history of the brew and provide some fun facts too!

The History of Coffee

If we delve back in history, the most famous and most told story of the discovery of coffee dates back to the late 6th century. Legend has it that a young goat herder named Kaldi in the Ethiopian province, Kaffa, was the first to see the effects of coffee. In fact, it was from his flock eating some berries and leaves off an unknown plant that Kaldi saw how restless it had made them become. Hearing of this strange occurrence, monks from a monastery nearby decided to investigate further into the unidentified plant. Through various trials of roasting, grinding and infusing seeds of the plant in water, they discovered that it could create a unique beverage. The beverage’s effects were so useful, that the monks would regularly use it to stay awake during long hours of prayer.

Shortly after the monks made this groundbreaking finding, word quickly spread of this unique and special drink. It was soon then a specialty drink to be consumed by people visiting coffee houses in the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. The coffeehouses themselves first began in Mecca and were soon built in various other parts of the Arabian empire. The rise of coffee houses (labelled as a meeting place for people to discuss culture and conduct business over a drink of coffee) meant that they soon grew in popularity worldwide. Eventually, the drink and coffee house prospect was so widely discussed, that it was adopted by famous cities such as Venice, London, Paris and in parts of North America during the 1600s.

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Some International Coffee Day Fun Facts

So now you know the short history of coffee, here’s a few fascinating facts about the nations favourite hot beverage that you might not know to celebrate International Coffee Day!

  • Coffee has become the second most traded commodity on earth.
  • It became the first drink to be freeze-dried.
  • The majority of Coffee is produced in the country of Brazil.
  • Coffee is actually a fruit.
  • The world’s most expensive coffee bean costs $600 per pounds worth.
  • There have been five attempts to ban coffee throughout history.
  • The original definition of coffee means wine (Coffee’s original name, qahwah, came from the Yemen term for wine).

Grab a Brew on International Coffee Day from the Post Office Shop

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