Published on August 12th, 2014 | by Sally Wenham

The Importance Of Legible Handwriting

The ideal of a ‘paperless office’ is something that many small businesses aspire to achieve meaning we are inevitably putting pen to paper less frequently. However, the movement towards this cost saving and waste-reducing goal may have some detrimental effects towards handwriting proficiency.

Now, most of us will admit that if we had the choice between making notes with a pen and paper or typing them into a laptop or tablet; we’d choose the electronic option almost every time. However in some situations, using a pen and paper is preferential.

The importance of having legible handwriting is still high, despite the increased use of digital technology in most environments. Whether it is writing down a shopping list, signing a birthday card, leaving a memo for someone on a Post-It note that is away from their desk or filling in an application form; it is important for people to be able to easily read what has been written.

There are larger implications in certain sectors than others. For example in medical environments such as doctors surgeries and hospitals, legible handwriting is imperative when writing medical notes to ensure that patient conditions are treated accordingly.

There are also links between the quality of handwriting and the potential to achieve higher grades throughout education. A study conducted by well known stationery manufacturer BIC has found that two thirds of teachers asked had marked students down over concerns over illegible handwriting.

The ability to produce legible handwriting at speed is a skill that once acquired will benefit people throughout their life. By being able to write in a legible manner, we can all spend more time concentrating on the structure of what we’re writing.

This not only leads to having writing which is easier to read, but it is also easier to understand the message which is trying to be conveyed. It seems that technology firms have increased their awareness in the need for legible handwriting too. More and more personal computers are being equipped with handwriting recognition technology. This software encourages the use of handwriting to interact with devices along with acknowledging that handwriting remains an important skill required for communication.

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