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HP Economy Toners

HP have launched a new range of toners for their LaserJet printers, called ‘Economy’.  This range of toner cartridges offer trouble free printing, at a great price, without any loss of quality to your printed document.

Here at the Post Office Shop we’re always looking for ways to improve productivity and lower the cost of printing, so let’s take a look at this new range of LaserJet toners and see what they have to offer.

The New HP Economy Toners Range

It is highly likely that a large proportion of your offices day to day printing will be in black and white, so here we’re giving you an example specification of a Black ink toner from the range.

HPCE505LGenuine HP 05L Black Toner Cartridge OEM: CE505L

Quick Facts: HP 05L Economy Black Toner

  • Colour: Black
  • Print yield: Up to 1,000 pages
  • Designed to deliver consistent quality results
  • Increased print cost management
  • Manufacturers product code (OEM): CE505L

What You Get From This Toner Cartridge

The HP 05L Black Toner Cartridge has been designed specifically for those who print low volumes, yet still require high quality professional standard documents.

The CE505L Black toner cartridge yields 1,000 pages and is ideal for office’s that have a low print output. Because this is an economy toner it allows businesses to manage their printing more cost effectively, based on usage.

All of the Original HP Economy toners have been designed for easy installation, which greatly reduces the time lost on printing when you’re trying to work out where the cartridge goes and how it fits in.

The 05L Black toner cartridge as well as other toners in this range use innovative technology, created by Hewlett Packard, to safeguard that quality of printed documents are printed off consistently, throughout the life span of the toner cartridge.

The Productivity And Reliability

How often have you walked over to your office printer, only to find that the Toner has run out? It’s a common occurrence that many of us will be familiar with. Many of us will likely ask one of our colleagues to help us fit a new Toner cartridge into the printer. Some of us might even contact our IT departments asking for assistance.

The finesse that is often required to accurately fit a cartridge into many printers, isn’t required when changing the toner in a HP LaserJet printer. These cartridges slot in with the greatest of ease, due the HP LaserJet’s easy access area and perfectly fitting cartridge. This means the toner change is over and done with in no time at all and with minimal fuss, ensuring your printer continues to output the documents it produces every day.

It’s always good to get your business back on track sooner rather than later isn’t it? Fewer interruptions and lower costs means that productivity is maximised, as cartridges are available 24 hours a day online, at a price that helps your business keep going.

Just to ease your mind, these HP Economy Toner comes with Premium Protection Print Cartridge Warranty, free of charge.


As an individual or a business, it is our duty to dispose of and recycle where possible our day to day consumables. No ethical business should be putting our future environment in danger and this is something that HP take great care and pride in when supplying their products and services.

HP practically invented electronic recycling back in 1987 and has taken its responsibility to the environment ever since.

HP Planet Partners recycling program is a service that allows you to conveniently recycle original HP Ink and Toner cartridges, any brand of computer hardware and rechargeable batteries.  What’s more is that you can be sure that no ink or toner cartridges send to HP Planet Partners find their way to a landfill. They are all recycled!

Rest assured your toner cartridge from the Economy range is most definitely eligible for the LaserJet Toner Cartridge Recycling Program.

Businesses Take Note

As previously mentioned if your office prints a low number of documents you should consider using HP Economy toners. No business wants to sacrifice the quality of their printed documents and no business should pay for printing products that they can’t get the most from. The bottom line here is that HP Economy LaserJet Toner can only save you money and improve productivity.

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