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Published on April 26th, 2018 | by Sarah Jubb

How To Make A Happy Workspace

Today is #workhappy day in National Stationery Week and we’re looking at how to make your workspace a happy environment. Being happy while at work can help to improve productivity levels, as well as simply just improve the morale of workers so a positive workspace can have many benefits for everyone.

People may not consider their workspace to be a place that they should enjoy or have fun in, after all most workspaces are designed solely so that someone can complete their job efficiently. But it is important that people find ways to make the environment that they work in comfortable as it can have many great benefits.

If an employee is happy then it can have a boosting effect on the morale of employees who work alongside them. This in turn can help to create more productivity and make them more successful as happier workers have greater self-confidence which can improve their performance.

So, what are some ways that people can bring a touch of happiness to their workspace?

Coffee Anyone?Nescafe Azera

Drinking a moderate amount of coffee in the day can have great health benefits for people, with large numbers of studies suggesting that three to four cups a day could result in a lower risk of liver disease and cancers. While it is not confirmed that coffee is the reason behind this, it’s surely great news for coffee drinkers around the UK!

The two most popular drinks in the office in the workspace are understandably coffee and tea, with a tea round being a staple of British worklife. But with the rise of specialised coffee found in places such as Starbucks and Costa, it’s understandable that people want to have the same experience in the workplace.

A coffee machine can help to provide this experience for office workers, and if this is considered unaffordable then perhaps consider investing in high quality coffee that will provide a similar taste. The good news is that here at the Post Office Shop we have a whole range of Coffee available for purchase, with a variety of types and sizes to choose from!

Green Space For A Happy Workspace?

When looking around most modern offices, you may notice a severe lack of greenery. This can be a huge detriment to workers as plants have been shown to improve the performance of employees and even improve their memory retention.

Just the simple addition of a few house plants can dramatically change the feel of a workspace. It has the extra benefit of helping to provide cleaner air as the natural job of most plants is to remove chemicals from the air, so the air quality can be improved.

Choose Stationery To Suit You

It’s likely that even if you spend most of your time on a computer or laptop, you probably have a range of stationery littering your desk. Whether it’s a ballpoint pen, permanent markers or a notebook to jot down some notes, there’s probably something that you use frequently.

Which is why it’s important to make sure that not only are you well equipped so that your stationery needs are met every time, but that the stationery you have is useful and suits you. With a whole range of Stationery products available, there is sure to be something that brings a little happiness to your workday, whether it’s a smooth writing pen or the pleasure of opening a fresh notebook.

Ergonomics For A Comfortable Workspace

Ergonomics is becoming more of a hot topic for organisations as they are realising that employees who can work in comfort are less at risk of injury and work more productively. By making a desk as ergonomically friendly as possible, it can lead to less stressed employees along with reducing the risk of any workplace related injuries such as carpal-tunnel syndrome.

Ergonomic products such as a wrist rest, back supports and much more can help to promote a correct sitting position while working at a desk. Employees who are not in pain or discomfort will in turn be happier.

Wrist Rest

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