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Published on February 2nd, 2018 | by Sarah Jubb

How Much Is A Second Class Stamp?

Many people may know the price of a first class stamp, but can you price a second class stamp without looking it up? We take a closer look at second class stamps in this article, and the answer is that second class stamps are 58p!

Stamps are required for anyone wishing to send a parcel or envelope using the Royal Mail postal service in the United Kingdom, and they are the same price no matter where you are sending your mail from in the UK. The pricing for a single standard 2nd class stamp is 58p whereas a single large 2nd class stamp is 79p.

This is the price for a single stamp and there is no discount available if you purchase stamps in bulk, such as in a sheet of 100.  The pricing of a second class stamp increased on 26 March 2018 by 8p, and according to Royal Mail, UK customers receive amongst the best value in Europe for their Postage Stamps prices.

Second class letters (0-100g) in Europe have an average price of 67p, making the UK second class stamps excellent value for money as they remain far below this.

What Can A Second Class Stamp Be Used For?Second class stamp

2nd class stamps are particularly ideal for sending out mail that is not urgent. For personal use this makes them ideal for sending out items such as birthday cards or cards. They can even be used to send out party or wedding invitations, as it is far nicer to receive personal and physical correspondence compared to a simple email or social media message!

For businesses, using 2nd class stamps are a cost effective way of sending out marketing information such as brochures and catalogues or even business correspondence that is not deemed urgent. That is because Royal Mail aims to deliver letters and parcels using the 2nd class service within two or three working days, with Saturdays included.


What Can Be Sent Using Second Class Stamps?

Standard 2nd class stamps can be used to send traditional letters, including bills, greeting cards and more, up to a maximum weight of 100g. The letter format must also have maximum dimensions of the following:

  • Length 240mm x Width 165mm x Thickness 5mm.

For larger letters, you are must purchase Large 2nd class stamps that have been designed specifically for this purpose and cost 76p each. These stamps should be used to send A4 documents, magazines, CD/DVDs and larger sized greetings cards.  The maximum dimensions are:

  • Length 353mm x Width 250mm x Thickness 25mm

It is not advised to send items of value using the 2nd class mailing system as mail is only covered against any loss or damage up to £20, or alternatively the value of the item, whichever is lower. So make sure to only send items that are not important or valuable using 2nd class stamps!

For all other envelope/parcel weights up to 2kg, please refer to this table below.

Weight up to and including
1st Class Price
2nd Class Price
Large Letter
Small Parcel
Medium Parcel

All these prices are exempt from VAT.

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