Published on January 22nd, 2018 | by Michelle Roper-Shaw

How Good is Your Office Hygiene?

As we are now in peak flu bug season, how good is your office hygiene? Apparently, communal kitchens are the dirtiest places in our offices. So, think twice before you pour your cup of tea.

In a recent survey, office teabags were found to hold 17 times more bacteria than a toilet seat with an average of 3,785 strains of bacteria per bag! Plus, your office mug may harbour 1,746 germs.

Fridge doors and kettle handles are also amongst the biggest culprits in spreading bacteria to you and your workmates. Think for a minute, how many people in your office come into contact with kitchen surfaces, appliances, crockery, utensils, the coffee jar and tea bag box? Then consider, 8 out of 10 people admit that they do not wash their hands before making a cuppa for their colleagues.

Other dubious items include:

  • Watercooler Buttons. When was the button or toggle on your office watercooler dispenser last cleaned?
  • Vending Machines. Again, the buttons on vending machines are touched by a vast number of people during the working day. In addition, when it is restocked it may not necessarily be cleaned each time.
  • Microwaves. On average, an office microwave will be used up to 30 times a day. Does everyone thoroughly clean their spills and crumbs after they use it? Of course not, thereby bacteria grows and cross contamination from various foods can occur causing illness.
  • Taps. What is most likely to touch taps? That’s right, dirty hands and so it is imperative to clean your hands with antibacterial soap and hot water. Also, clean down the sink and taps each day.

How to Improve Hygiene in your Office

2Work Hand Cleaning Alcohol Gel

Hand Sanitiser

Obviously maintaining a clean, hygienic office should be quick and simple. Hand sanitiser should be available in bacteria hotspots such as kitchen areas. This great value pack of 6 2Work Hand Cleaning Alcohol Gel 500ml is ideal for busy offices. This hand gel requires no rinsing and ideal for use in work areas with a high risk of contamination.

Wipex Anti-Bacterial Surface Wipe Tub

Anti-Bacterial Wipes

Quick and easy to use, there will be no excuse to keep work surfaces, fridges, microwaves and other devices clean during the working day. The Wipex Anti-Bacterial Surface Wipe Tub contains 150 wipes and will ensure surfaces and devices are kept safe from bacteria.

Tetley Original Tag and Envelope Tea Bags

Individually Wrapped Tea Bags

Not only do individually wrapped tea bags promote better hygiene, they also are a far better option when you are greeting visitors and clients to your office.  In a pack of 250, Tetley Original Tag and Envelope Tea Bags offer great value for money. Since each bag is individually sealed these teabags will also maintain their freshness and flavour.

For all your office Cleaning and Janitorial supplies visit the Post Office Shop Facilities Supplies range. From first aid kits to workplace safety equipment, there is all you need to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

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