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Have You Heard Of Anti-bacterial Pens?

Whilst computer cleaning products such as cleaning sprays and cleaning wipes are common place in the modern day office, anti-bacterial pens that can also kill germs are a more novel method of keeping the workplace clean and hygienic.

We have learnt that there are now pens available which it is claimed can destroy the vast majority of germs that are typically found on a whole host of modern office equipment in the workplace including monitor and laptop stands.

It is claimed that one of the most common ways of transferring bacteria are through handling paper, touching computer mice and keyboards, phone handsets and sharing pens.

There are many somewhat harmful bacteria that can breed in an office environment including MRSA, E-Coli and C-Diff (Clostridium difficile). With thousands of workers calling in sick after picking up bugs such as common colds and flu in the office, there is clearly here that needs to be addressed in order to minimise staff absence wherever possible.

Just think about it – if the phone rings and an individual picks up the nearest pen, even without realising it, there is the potential danger of transferring bacteria from pen to hand and then onto the mouth or nose.

Technological advancements mean that is now possible to mould pens’ plastic cases with chemicals that can destroy the vast majority of germs. As soon as one of these pens comes into contact with bacteria it begins the process of destroying them through starving the nutrients. Consequently, such pens are continuously re-cleaning themselves.

Clearly as a means of maintaining a healthy, bug-free working environment, this innovative pen is something to write home about and along with computer cleaning products should help maintain a healthier, cleaner workplace!



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