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How To Take The Healthy Option At Lunchtime In The Office

Whilst spending lunchtime behind the desk at work certainly isn’t the healthiest way of taking a break, for many of us it is a necessity due to daily work pressures and deadlines.

Although we learn that eating a sandwich at the workstation hinders digestion and encourages millions of germs to lurk in keyboards and on desks which could contain harmful bacteria such as E-coli, MRSA, listeria and salmonella, for many of us there is no viable alternative.

The phenomenon known as the ‘post lunch dip’ will be familiar to many office workers and is usually due to a combination of factors.

One of the explanations for feeling drowsy at work after lunch is the impact of circadian rhythms. These internal rhythms combined with stimulating melatonin production, leads to sleepiness.

Certain types of food also affect energy levels at work in the afternoon. It is advisable to avoid greasy, fast food and other lunchtime foods which have high content of tryptophan such as dairy and nut ingredients.

In fact, large meals in general should be avoided over lunchtime at work as they take longer to digest plus an increase in the production of some hormones can increase sleepiness.

So how else can post-lunch fatigue be addressed other than eating the right kind of foods in the first place you might ask?

It is vital to drink plenty of water throughout the day and also consider eating healthy snacks that keep energy levels high including apples and yoghurt. Whilst hot drinks with optional milk and sugar are perfectly acceptable to consume at work in moderation, too much caffeine can have an adverse effect on work performance leading to anxiety, inability to focus and insomnia.

A brisk walk, even for just 10 minutes, helps digestion, and gets the blood flowing so a wonder that involves a few laps of the office or a couple of flights of stairs is highly advisable if there is insufficient time to leave the premises over lunch time for some fresh air.

Of course getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet throughout the day and getting regular exercise are all important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle which in turn will increase energy levels and thus performance at work.

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