Published on July 4th, 2014 | by Sally Wenham

Headphones In, Music On And Do You Zone Out?

In the modern open plan office, earphones or headphones are now commonplace. Let’s be honest, if you’re sat in the office reading this, how far away are you from a pair of them? Here at the Post Office Shop, we understand that in a busy office there may be more background noise than you would like and then you would listen to music to cancel out that noise and focus on the task at hand.

As workplaces transition into open plan spaces with very few walls or partitions, noise levels are increasing. This increase in noise has resulted in more workers finding solace in music to help them focus on the tasks before them. This isn’t the only reason however, as with a noisy office and the need to focus; the addition of music will also help you concentrate and focus on a task in more quiet and sedate working environments.

Listening to your favourite playlist at work has been found to have positive effects on your mood too. By listening to a selection of your music, dopamine is produced by your brain which generates the feeling of reward. Due to these positive feelings, you are more productive and concentrated on the job in hand. It is because of these positive connotations that earphones are becoming more commonplace in modern offices.

Along with using music to help you focus, it has also been attributed to your mood. Listening to music can help relax your muscles, reduce your heart rate and blood pressure which are directly linked to how you are feeling. Because of these relaxing properties, the use of music can be beneficial within high pressured working environments.

Despite the links towards office productivity, the use of headphones at work can be viewed as a lack of office etiquette. There is still a large sense of skepticism around using headphones at work and because of this; use is frowned upon  in certain work environments where a high level of interaction with co-workers or clients is essential.

Although the use of headphones at work is becoming a more frequent occurrence, it has been found that limited use as and when required can provide you with the best of both worlds. You can increase your levels of focus when needed whilst remaining open to interaction between yourself and your co-workers.

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