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Published on January 14th, 2014 | by admin

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Have you ever wondered what your writing style may say about you? It’s an interesting subject and apparently demonstrates underlying behavior patterns no less. Studies have shown that how you write is an indicator of the outlook, likes, dislikes, and even personality of a person.

Experts on the intricacies of handwriting analysis can understand and explain the many traits of an individual by analysing the following:

Size of the letters:

Handwritings are unique to every individual and vary in size, appearance and shape. If the size of your writing is large, it strongly indicates you are an extrovert with an outgoing personality so you are probably someone who is full of confidence and enjoys socialising and being in the limelight.  In contrast, if your writing style is small, it often conveys that of a shy, introverted individual. What if the size of my handwriting style falls somewhere between the two you may ask? Well according to experts you are most likely to be a well balanced, adaptable individual in that case.

Slant of writing:

We are intrigued to learn that the slant of an individual’s writing can also be a personality indicator. Writing which slants to the right demonstrates a confident, sociable individual whereas in contrast handwriting which slants to the left is thought to indicate an introvert who prefers to work alone as opposed to being a prominent team player. A style of writing with no clear right or left slant appearance is supposed to show a practical and logical individual.


Spacing of loops between words is also an area of handwriting that has been highlighted as an indicator of personality traits. We learn that full loops in letters with minimal spacing between them tend to suggest a sceptical person whilst full loops indicate a relaxed and spontaneous persona. Of course not everyone has pronounced loops in their handwriting but the more notable these are, the more outgoing, social and creative a person will tend to be.

Letter shapes:

Rounded letters point towards a person with creative and artistic talents whilst more pointed handwriting suggests an individual will have aggressive, intelligent, intense and curious personality traits. Meanwhile writing in a style where letters are connected suggests a person is logical who only makes decisions after careful consideration and thought.

Dots and punctuations:

Finally, another element of a person’s handwriting that comes under scrutiny as a potential personality trait relates to the use of a dot over an ‘i’. We learn that placing the dot high over an ‘i’ indicates significant imagination and creativity for instance. Furthermore apparently the excessive use of punctuation marks is an indicator of ego, passion and the desire to be heard and recognised.

So looking at the way you put pen to paper, what traits can you now see in your own handwriting?

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