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Hands Off My Stapler!

It seems to be a familiar scenario in everyday office life, the tried and trusted stapler we claim as our own (with name often affixed in correction fluid!) goes missing after someone borrowed it but failed to return it.

This might explain why the 1999 film titled ‘Office Space’ starring Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston and David Herman featured the catchphrase ‘I believe you may have my stapler’ and the celebrated sitcom ‘The Office’ featured a famous scene whereby sales-rep Tim decided to play a practical joke on Gareth which saw his precious stapler covered in jelly!

It was Henry Heyl who is recognised as the inventor who first created a machine which could both insert and clinch a staple in one step. There appears to be no such thing as the paperless office even in the modern digital age so the invention of the stapler in 1867 remains as relevant today as ever before, vital for collating documents.

It’s probably fair to say that the engineering of a stapler is not fully appreciated. Under the cap of a stapler, a pusher connected to a spring forces the row of staples forward. A special blade drives the first staple through a slot at the front of the magazine and a metal square with indentations at the edge of the open part of the base (known as the anvil), bends the staple so it can grip the paper.

What’s more, staples have also been used to stunning effect way beyond their use as a mere basic office accessory. Baptiste Debombourg, a French artist has created some intricate pieces of artwork by strategically placing thousands of staples to create shading thus manipulating light and shadow.

As one of the most coveted accessories in the office, staplers are available in a number of bright and attractive colours these days including blue, green and pink. The stapler is probably THE essential stationery item that we can’t do without. So take good care of it!

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