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Published on July 12th, 2018 | by Sarah Jubb

Hampton Court Palace Stamps Released By Royal Mail

Following on from the Buckingham Palace issue in 2017 as part of the Royal Palaces series, Royal Mail has released a series of special stamps featuring Hampton Court Palace. The six beautiful stamps feature the palace and its grounds in outstanding detail.

The extravagant palace has existed for over 500 years, with Cardinal Wolsey beginning the building in the early 16th century. It is strongly associated with King Henry VIII, who brought all six of his wives to the palace throughout his life.

This influence can still be felt today, with features such as Anne Boleyn’s gate still prominent and in fantastic condition. This gatehouse leads into the second, inner court and in 1540 had the Hampton Court astronomical clock added. It shows the time of day, phases of the moon, quarter of the year, date, sun and start sign, high water at London Bridge and the month and is still functioning today!

Hampton Court At The Centre Of Tudor History

Due to the influence of Henry VIII, Hampton Court Palace is closely linked with the Tudor period. During the time that Henry VIII lived there, he used the palace to through banquets along with show of his extravagant court.

There was plenty of space not only for the king, but also for the queen and even more accommodation available for the courtiers. Edward VI, Henry VIII’s much desired male heir, was born at the palace and his mother, Jane Seymour, also died there. His fifth wife, Catherine Howard, was arrested in the palace after her adultery was discovered.

A Palace Fit For Royalty

As with many of the royal buildings in the UK, Hampton Court Palace has been slowly improved upon and expanded throughout the centuries. William III and Mary II had the beautiful Fountain Court created in the late 17th century along with the new Privy Garden.

Not only this, but the famous Maze is thought to have been created around this time and remains a favourite among the public even today! The palace was opened to the public in 1838 by Queen Victoria, allowing the public to experience the extravagance and opulence of the royal palace.

Hampton Court Palace stamps

Take Home A Piece of History

With such a long and extensive history, it’s no surprise that Hampton Court Palace remains popular even today. Here at the Post Office Shop we have the range of Hampton Court Palace collectibles available, including the presentation pack and stamp cards.

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