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Published on February 1st, 2017 | by Michelle Roper-Shaw

Guide to Buying Printing Supplies

Do you get confused by the choice on offer when buying printing supplies? Whether you are looking for inks or toners, our handy guide will help you make the right decision.

Here at the Post Office Shop we have a large range of Inks and Toners for you to choose from. We understand when it comes to choosing the right printing supplies for your office, school or home, the choice can sometimes be overwhelming.

Ink or Toner

Do you know what type of printer you have? Don’t worry, it is not unusual for people to mistake an ink cartridge for a toner cartridge and vice versa. However, they are very different.

A toner is used in laser printers and is a powder. The laser draws an electrostatic template of the image to be printed on to the printer’s rotating image drum. Fine particles of toner powder then attach to the area on the drum where the image has been defined. Then, a sheet of paper draws the toner particles away which in turn are set by a fuser unit which puts the image in place on to the page.

Mono Laser Printers and Colour Laser Printers tend to be the choice of businesses with large printing requirements. They cope efficiently and quickly with large print volumes.

An ink cartridge is used in inkjet printers and is liquid based. Cartridges are placed into the print head which is fitted with microscopic ink nozzles. In order to print a page, the print head moves across the paper backwards and forwards, depositing tiny droplets of ink onto the page.

Colour Inkjet Printers work at a slower pace and therefore are more suited to home or small office use where printing is on a less frequent or smaller scale.


Price is another important consideration when buying printing supplies. Whilst laser printers and toner cartridges have more expensive upfront costs, in the long term they do provide excellent value for money. This of course is dependent on the volumes you expect to be printing and whether you require the high level of precision that a laser printer and toner bring.

Inkjet printers and ink cartridges are a cheaper option, but ink cartridges do not produce the same high level of prints when compared with toner cartridges.

Print Capacity

Printer ink cartridge

Whether you are looking to buy an ink or toner cartridge, prices vary depending on the print capacity. Standard capacity cartridges are generally cheaper than high capacity cartridges.

Paying a little extra for a higher capacity cartridge can significantly increase your print yield. This in turn can save you money by lowing your cost per page ratio. However, if you do not print on a regular basis a standard capacity cartridge will be more suited to meet your needs.

Check Before You Buy Your Printing Supplies

If you are in any doubt about the cartridge you require it is a good idea to check the manufacturer’s specifications before making your final purchasing decision.

Do you need to buy some ink or toner today? Use our handy Ink and Toner Finder to search by model or cartridge quickly and easily

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