Published on July 14th, 2014 | by Sally Wenham

What Gripes Do You Have With Your Colleagues At Work?

With most of us spending on average 35 to 40 hours per week working closely alongside colleagues in the office it’s somewhat inevitable that there are a number of habits and traits which we may find annoying.

Based on the results of a survey of office workers we’ve seen undertaken by welfare charity The Brooke, it certainly does appear to the case that there are a number of ways individuals conduct themselves in the office that can be irritating to colleagues.

It’s actually somewhat alarming that there are so many traits common place in the office that can lead to friction and dis-harmony.

Amongst the most common grumbles encountered in daily office life are packed lunches going missing from the fridge in the communal kitchen, individuals speaking too loudly on the phone, and colleagues who never offer to make a round of hot drinks. Taking credit for other people’s work and poor personal hygiene are also common gripes at work.

But it doesn’t stop there! Also cited as common complaints in the office are the issue of mugs and pens disappearing from people’s desks never to be seen again as well as colleagues borrowing the stapler only to return it empty with no staples.

There also seems to be a clamber to book summer holidays with many other office workers left frustrated that they are then unable to use their annual leave entitlement when they want. The summer months also tend to cause disagreements between colleagues caused by the rise in office temperature. While half the office clamber for fans or the air conditioning to be turned up, others complain of feeling cold.

It that wasn’t enough, as well as the actions of colleagues leading to frustration and resentment, there are also common complaints in the office caused by glitches in everyday office equipment we all use such as printer paper jams and computer malfunctions.

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