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The Post Office Shop has commissioned a survey exploring the green habits of Britons at home and at work.  Do feel free to share our findings.


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Q1: If your employer has an environmental policy in place, how effectively is it communicated internally to employees?

Findings: Less than 50% of Britons feel their employer adequately conveys their environmental policy

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Q2: Which statements do you believe most represents your employer’s reasons for engaging in eco-friendly activity?

Findings: Almost half of respondents believe their employer is genuinely committed to reduce their environmental impact

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Q3: Do you feel your employer does enough to reduce their environmental impact? E.g. recycling, energy saving?

Findings: 59% think their employer could do more to go green

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Q 4: Do you have an interest in your employer’s efforts to reduce their environmental impact?

Findings: Only 14% of people don’t place any importance on their employer’s green efforts

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Q5: Do you feel that high-street brands do enough to reduce their environmental impact?

Findings: Only 15% of Brits believe high street brands are doing enough to reduce their impact on the environment

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Q6: Do you take an active role in contributing to eco-friendly efforts in your workplace? E.g. recycling, car-sharing etc.

Findings: 57% contribute to eco-friendly efforts at work as well as at home

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Q7: Are you more likely to engage with a company that is eco-friendly? i.e. purchasing their product or service

Findings: A fifth of the population say a company’s eco-friendliness is their main priority when they choose where to shop

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Q8: UK businesses are affected by legislation around eco-friendliness. Which statement best describes your attitude to this?

Findings: Only a quarter of respondents believe legislation will encourage more ethical environmental practices

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Q9: How do you feel UK industry is placed compared to the rest of the world in environmental responsibility and activity?

Findings: Only one in five consider the UK as a leading force in world environmental responsibility

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