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Published on May 11th, 2017 | by Michelle Roper-Shaw

Go Green in 21 Days

This week is Green Office Week. Avery, who sponsor the event are challenging us to change our ways and go green in just 21 days.

Although the majority of us are now used to recycling paper, glass and plastic in our homes, many of us do not carry this habit through into our workplace.

However, Avery have devised a cunning plan. They have created an array of videos using the next generation to install the message. Children now learn about the importance of preserving the environment from an early age. It has become second nature to them and as a result we adults have much to learn from them.

Change Your Habits in 21 Days

21 days to go green

Avery have devised a list of 21 ways that we can improve our carbon footprint.

  1. Learn the 5 R’s. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, Rethink
  2. Don’t waste it. Repair broken office items rather than replacing them
  3. Only print the documents you need. Think before you press the print button.
  4. Unplug at night. Items such as coffee machines and kettles do not need to be left on overnight, so unplug them before you leave the office.
  5. Reduce your font size. This simple switch can help to reduce the amount of paper you need to print.
  6. Avoid cleaning bills. Dry cleaning is harmful for the environment so try to avoid wearing clothes that need to be dry cleaned.
  7. Use solar power. Could your office be powered by solar power?
  8. Buy Green products. The next time you do your stationery order, think about eco-friendly alternatives.
  9. Add plants to your workspace. Plants help to purify the air and have also been found to boost productivity.
  10. Use a mug. Say goodbye to paper cups and bring your own mug to work. Making your own Hot Drinks will also be cheaper in the long run.
  11. Cut down on driving. Could you use public transport, walk or cycle to work? Even if it isn’t every day, it could make a difference.
  12. Have a Green Office Week Eco representative. Make someone in your office responsible for encouraging greener work practices.
  13. Keep your mailing lists up to date. This will reduce the amount of unnecessary mailers and brochures you send out which just end up in the bin.
  14. Let the light in. Make the most of natural light, so open blinds and curtains to make the most of it. Make sure you switch off lights when you leave a room and leave the office at night.
  15. Recycle at work. Paper, card, glass, plastic all should be recycled. Ensure recycling bins are plentiful around your workspace.
  16. Replace lightbulbs. Change your lightbulbs to energy efficient alternatives.
  17. Turn down the heat. Rather than immediately turning up the thermostat, add another layer of clothing to reduce electricity and heating bills.
  18. Turn everything off. Before you leave the office, switch off the lights, and unplug any appliances.
  19. Use the half flush. The toilet is the largest use of water in the office. If you have a half flush option, use it to help save water.
  20. Use ecofriendly cleaning products. Cleaning products harm the environment so reduce this detrimental impact by swapping to green alternatives.
  21. Share your learnings. Share your ideas so everyone can work together to become more environmentally friendly during the working day.

The full collection of 21 videos are available online, with additional downloadable materials at

Green Office Essentials

To get you well on your way in creating an eco-friendly office, take a look at the wide range of office essentials in the Green Office range at the Post Office Shop. From paper to recycled pens, you can make a change to your working life habits right now.

Get Involved

If you would like to become involved in Green Office Week get in touch with Avery by tweeting @UKAvery using the hashtag #greenoffice or sending a message to They are offering spot prizes to office workers who share their eco-friendly initiatives via these social media channels.

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