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Published on April 25th, 2017 | by Michelle Roper-Shaw


Get Crafty with Stationery

Today it’s time to Get Crafty for National Stationery Week. More and more of us are unleashing our creative potential by keeping journals or adding a splash of colour to our lives with colouring books.

Create Your Own Journal

write a journal

Keeping a personal journal has become increasingly popular over recent years. It is the perfect alternative to constantly reaching for our smartphones, tablets and fitness trackers. In our previous article The Joy of Writing we explained how keeping a journal can help us to:

  • Achieve our goals
  • Encourage mindfulness
  • Get more creative

You can unlock your creative potential with a selection of Stabilo fineliner pens in a variety of colours and the Pukka Pad Colour In and Personalise Project Book. Even the cover is customisable and so you can colour it in with your own personal colour scheme. Each page also includes a doodle bar, perfect for colouring book fans and personal journal writers.

Just like the other project books in the Pukka Pad range you can easily separate all your different projects thanks to the five removable, colour coded plastic storage dividers.

Write, Delete, Repeat with Pilot FriXion Pens

Frixion Highlighter Pens

Getting crafty comes in many guises and Pilot FriXion Pens take this to another level. Using thermo-sensitive ink technology, you can erase your mistakes just like a normal pencil eraser. The FriXion eraser tip when rubbed on the ink heats the ink up to over 60 degrees °C. At this temperature, the ink disappears allowing you write over it again.

Ideal for students in the midst of revision and exams, you can use FriXion pens and highlighters to note important passages in text books. Once the exams are over you can quickly rub out your markings to keep your textbook in pristine condition.

Be a Crafty Secret Agent with FriXion

Exams aren’t much fun but becoming a secret agent is. You can also use FriXion pens to write secret messages to your friends.

  • Write a top secret message on a piece of paper
  • Rub out the entire message with the FriXion eraser on the end of your pen
  • Send it to your friend and ask them to put it a freezer for a few minutes
  • The message will incredibly reappear.

This is because once the thermo-sensitive ink reaches a temperature under -10 degrees °C the ink is again visible. You can also use this trick if you happen to leave your notebook or textbook near a heater or in a car on a hot day.

So, don’t panic if you open your book to find all your notes have disappeared. Simply put it in the freezer for a few minutes and all your notes will return.

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