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Published on April 16th, 2019 | by Sam Rose

For The Throne – Game of Thrones Is Back!

Get ready to witness another epic struggle for the throne as Game of Thrones’ final season reaches its conclusion!

If you’re familiar with Game of Thrones, you’ll know that the television adaptation has taken the world by storm since first appearing on TV screens in 2011.

Fans have been waiting to once again be able to sink their teeth into a gripping medieval tale of fantasy and breathtaking storytelling.

The gripping depiction of powerful houses, kings, queens, knights, renegades, liars and honest men all vying for the throne is set to come to a dramatic conclusion this year, with the first episode of the final season having aired on the 14th of April 2019.

Details have remained scarce on what will behold the fates of beloved characters in the series such as Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa Stark and more whilst an epic power struggle for control of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros – and sit atop the Iron Throne – comes to a crescendo.

To further provide some excitement for the upcoming final season, we thought we’d gather and share a collection of extraordinary facts about Game of Thrones for you to wonder and amaze upon!

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for the show.

If you’ve yet to catch up with the latest season, read on at your own risk!

The Unaired Cameo

Game of Thrones Throne

Did you know that the author of the hugely successful Game of Thrones franchise, George R.R Martin, originally appeared in its very first episode?

Unfortunately, due to the initial pilot of the TV show having to be reshot, his role which was described as “a Pentoshi nobleman and one of the guest’s at Daenerys’ wedding to Khal Drago” never made it on air.

It would have been his only appearance in the show had the entire Morocco wedding sequence not had to be cut!

An Expensive Show to Produce

According to reports, Season 6 was a remarkably expensive production for the team behind Game of Thrones.

In fact, James Hibberd, speaking to Entertainment Weekly in April 2016, said: “The show easily costs north of $10 million (approx. £7.5 million) per episode at this point – not that you’ll hear HBO complain.”

But this budget was ramped even higher for Season 7, when it was revealed that each episode in the seventh season would cost a jaw-dropping $15 million (approx. £11.3 million) to create!

With it being speculated that the final season of Game of Thrones is set to cost even more than Season 7 to produce, fans will certainly be in for a spectacular send off!

And the Highest Rated Episode is…

Game of Thrones White Walkers

Currently, a quick search for Game of Thrones on IMDB reveals that the highest rated episode so far from the epic saga is Episode 8 from Season 5, which was given the title ‘Hardhome’.

It has a staggering 9.9/10 rating given by more than 43,000 users on the website and it’s perhaps not hard to see why!

The episode saw fan favourite Jon Snow thrust into a brutal battle with White Walkers and featured the very first conversation between both Daenerys and Tyrion.

An Unusual Wedding Gift

Whilst many people would receive perhaps household items or other traditional gifts on their wedding day, author George R.R Martin received a rather unusual one – Dragon Eggs!

Reported by several media outlets online, it’s said that the designer in charge of creating the Dragon Egg props (the ones which Daenerys receives at her wedding in the show itself) gave one of the eggs to Martin during his wedding to Parris McBride back in 2011.

Many would assume this more than makes up for his cut cameo appearance from the show back in 2011 that we mentioned earlier!

Fight For The Throne with Game of Thrones Collectibles

Game of Thrones Presentation Pack

If you can’t wait to see the final fight for the throne to take place, then why not embrace the mystical marvel of Westeros itself with our Game of Thrones Collectibles!

Bring the cast of the hugely popular series to life with one of our Framed Character Stamp Sets, Framed Miniature Sheets or even with one of our Framed Collectors Sheets.

Or why not have the exciting Game of Thrones universe within your hands with an enthralling Presentation Pack or set of highly detailed Stamp Cards.

April is coming. Are you ready for the throne?

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