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How Festive Will Your Office Be This Christmas?

Is your employer being bar humbug this year when it comes to putting Christmas decorations up at work?

Apparently, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has been inundated by workers saying their bosses have banned decorations preventing employees celebrating the spirit of Christmas, citing health and safety concerns. In many cases, even simple decorations around screens are being discouraged due to concerns regarding the heat that a monitor gives off.

A survey we’ve carried out has revealed that only a third (32 per cent) of those asked were certain decorations would be allowed by their employer. More than one in five (21 per cent) of respondents said they were not sure if they were allowed to have decorations at their workstation this Christmas.

Indeed the majority of those questioned said they wouldn’t be having decorations at work (46 per cent) with many employers apparently insisting that Christmas tree lights must first undergo a portable appliance test (PAT) and have a relevant sticker attached to show the date they were tested.

However, the HSE have said that no regulations actually exist which go some way to explain the results of our poll. In fact the HSE has even published The Twelve Myths of Christmas. High on its list of misguided information is that indoor Christmas lights need a portable appliance test (PAT) every year.

Not true! When it comes to Christmas lights, many firms’ waste time and money in the false belief that they need to test their Christmas lights each year. The reality according to the HSE is that checks for obvious damage should suffice meaning every office can look suitably colourful in the spirit of Christmas after all.

According to the HSE, there are also NO regulations preventing decorations being hung at work. So the good news for staff is that as long as they are provided with suitable step ladders, there is no reason why the office can’t be transformed for Christmas.

So the good news is, as well as decorating your workstation with all those Christmas cards exchanged with colleagues, there is plenty more scope to get festive at work after all!!

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