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Published on July 31st, 2019 | by Sam Rose

Every 2019 Special Stamps Issue So Far

It’s been another fantastic first half of the year for Special Stamps issues – here’s a recap of every 2019 Special Stamps issue released so far!

As we now enter the second half of 2019, we felt we’d reflect on an exciting first half of the year when it comes to 2019 Special Stamps issues.

Covering a broad spectrum of topics, themes and designs, the special stamps issues released so far as part of the 2019 Special Stamps Calendar have had something for everyone!

Here’s every special stamps issue released so far in 2019, from January up until June!

2019 Special Stamps Issue So Far

Stamp Classics


January started on a traditional footing, with the Stamp Classics issue.

Dedicated to the stamps that were most significant during the reigns of six of Britain’s monarchs, the release also pays tribute to 150 years since the Royal Philatelic Society was founded.

Each of the designs have been crafted in chronological order, starting with the reign of Queen Victoria and finishing with a stamp design taken from Elizabeth II’s rule.

Collectible Highlight – Stamp Classics Miniature Sheet

2019 Special Stamps Stamp Classics Miniature Sheet

One of the highlights we would pick out from the Stamp Classics issue is the Stamp Classics Miniature Sheet.

This is a fantastic gift for philatelists or for fans of Royalty themes as each of the stamp designs are given their own section to highlight their importance and the crisp, clean white dotted background brings all the attention onto each fascinating stamp design in more detail.

Leonardo da Vinci


Leonardo da Vinci was the subject for February’s special stamps issue and what an issue it was!

Regarded as one of the most technically accomplished artists of his time (and some would argue of all time), the Leonardo da Vinci Special Stamps issue gathers together twelve of da Vinci’s most significant pieces of artwork in stamp format.

The designs, all of which are housed within the Royal Collection Trust and owned by Her Majesty the Queen, are celebrated in extraordinary detail, capturing the clever genius of the artist himself and his influence on most of today’s culture.

Collectible Highlight – Leonardo da Vinci Stamp Cards

If you have ever wanted to own one of Leonardo da Vinci’s revolutionary pieces of art or one his many masterful technical drawings, then the Leonardo da Vinci Stamp Cards are as close as you can get!

Each painting and drawing featured in the Leonardo da Vinci Special Stamps issue is recreated and enlarged over a set of 12 carefully crafted stamp cards to provide the best possible view of his most famous work, making it an essential collectible for any eager historian or follower of da Vinci’s inner thoughts and philosophies.



Just like a daring rescue attempt by any superhero, the Royal Mail certainly caught a lot of people by surprise by announcing a special stamps issue solely focused around the comic book fantasy realms of Marvel!

Managing to thrill generations of fans since the first of its comic strips drawn up in 1961, Marvel Comics has seen a plethora of talented and legendary creators weave the dramatic tales of some of Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains in the ever-expanding Marvel Multiverse.

Going on to become a global phenomenon and a gigantic film/multimedia franchise over the last decade, it seemed more than fitting to pay tribute to the marvelous world of Marvel for March’s special stamps issue!

Collectible Highlight – Marvel Prestige Stamp Book

2019 Special Stamps Marvel Prestige Stamp Book

The Marvel Special Stamps issue was filled with exciting and captivating collectibles, but we think the Marvel Prestige Stamp Book is one that Marvel and Fantasy genre fans will clamor for!

Not only containing the ten stamp designs from the Marvel Special Stamps issue, this Prestige Stamp Book is packed to the brim with Marvel lore, including a timeline detailing the rise of Marvel from it’s early inception in 1939 and a closer insight into the magnificent work of comic book artist Alan Davis and the Marvel UK franchise.

Birds of Prey


We were soon soaring into April and what a treat awaited us in the form of the Birds of Prey Special Stamps issue!

This wonderous look at elegant species of Birds of Prey featured 10 stamp designs taken from photographs shot by the renowned British photographer Tim Flach, within the International Centre for Birds of Prey based at Boulsdon House, Newent in Gloucestershire.

Commonly known Birds of Prey were included, such as the White-Tailed Eagle and the Peregrine Falcon, but this majestic issue also included species that may perhaps sometimes fall under the radar such as the Goshawk and Hobby.

Collectible Highlight – Birds of Prey Presentation Pack

There could be no greater accompaniment to any proud Wildlife fan or Birdwatcher’s collection than the Birds of Prey Presentation Pack!

Written especially by the Director at International Centre of Birds of Prey and the leading UK Birds of Prey expert, Jemima Parry-Jones MBE, this neatly presented pack highlights the unique characteristics of each bird featured in the issue based on variety of species, wing shapes and further specifications.

You would be hard pressed to find a more accurate or insightful look at Birds of Prey than in this spectacular Presentation Pack!

British Engineering

Britain has seen some remarkable and extraordinary advances in engineering throughout the years, so May’s British Engineering Special Stamps issue was the perfect way to celebrate some of the finest work to be carried out in this field!

Showcasing the projects and creations which have single-handedly innovated engineering as we know it, this Special Stamps issue features items and ideas which have gone on to be bestowed by the Royal Academy of Engineering with the prestigious MacRobert Award.

With designs based on the Raspberry Pi microcomputer, the MRI Scanner and the Bone Graft to name just a few, this issue is a proud landmark for the British Engineering discipline.

Collectible Highlight – British Engineering Medal Cover

Fans of flight and of historic British vehicles will need to ensure they don’t miss out on grabbing a British Engineering Medal Cover, solely dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the revolutionary Harrier Jump Jet!

Designed during the 1960s before entering service for the RAF in 1969, the Harrier Jump Jet comes to life in the palm of your hands with this enthralling medal cover design featuring one of the Harriers on the front of the coin and a Sea Harrier on the back of it.

Featuring a medal which has been finished to a brilliant uncirculated standard, this cover also includes four special stamps of the Harrier Jump Jet in all its glory, with images taken of the jet taking off, transitioning to landing and in conventional flight.

Queen Victoria Bicentenary

Not long after May’s first 2019 special stamps issue were we then provided with another anniversary themed issue in the form of Queen Victoria Bicentenary Special Stamps!

Marking the 200th anniversary since her birth, the Queen Victoria special stamps issue also celebrated the birth of Prince Albert and many of his important actions taken throughout Queen Victoria’s reign as Queen of England.

Charting the most important stages of her rise to the throne, this stamp issue puts a spotlight on Queen Victoria’s historic journey to become the second longest reigning Queen in British Royal History.

Collectible Highlight – Queen Victoria Bicentenary Prestige Stamp Book

Another quintessential delight for fans of the Royal Family or of important figures in British History, it’s certainly worth placing our focus on the Queen Victoria Bicentenary Prestige Stamp Book.

This very richly illustrated stamp book contains all the special stamps from the Queen Victoria Special Stamps issue, whilst also including four stamps taken from the miniature sheet which helps to celebrate the legacy of Prince Albert.

Entitled as Victoria: A Long and Glorious Reign, it is a fitting tribute to the life of Queen Victoria and features more than 20 pages of beautifully curated content which has been written by leading historian Dr Helen Rappaport.


We can regard June’s special stamps issue as being the most poignant of this year’s issues so far and as forming an important part of history which will continue to be remembered throughout the annals of time.

Six special stamps were issued as part of the D-Day Special Stamps issue, providing a harrowing but significant look into how events over the course of D-Day has a lasting outcome during World War Two.

The thought-provoking release contains real photographs taken during pivotal moment of the events of D-Day, including soldier embarkation, the synchronising of watches by Paratroopers and soldiers washing ashore on Juno just to cover a few.

Collectible Highlight – D-Day Presentation Pack

The remarkable triumph of the Allied forces is covered in extensive detail and with intriguing insights in the D-Day Presentation Pack, an item many historians should look to acquire.

It includes all six special stamps from the issue and a Miniature Sheet with an additional five 1st Class stamps which accurately depict each of the five Normandy beaches used during the assault operation – Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword.

The pack also contains details on the strategy put in place before the invasion and is illustrated with maps and images to provide the most fitting of tributes to the events which would pave the way towards the eventual liberation of Europe.

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