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Published on July 18th, 2019 | by Sam Rose

Essential Surfaces to Disinfect at Home and Work

Have you ever asked yourself how clean is clean? Whilst you might regularly clean the surfaces within your house and at work, did you know that there are several essential surfaces to disinfect too?

As bacteria and germs are often not visible to the human eye, it can be tough to completely rid the workplace or areas of the home from them further spreading and causing spates of illness.

Did you know – the average work desk contains up to 400 times more germs than you might find on a toilet seat?

And that according to a combined study carried out by NSF International and Charles River Accugenix group, there could be as many as 340 different bacteria spread across objects in the home!

The figures might be frightening at first but provided you clean and disinfect your home or your workplace regularly, you will lessen the chance of falling ill or others developing illnesses around you.

But how do you know the most important surfaces to regularly disinfect?

Read on for our list of the essential surfaces to disinfect at home and work.

Essential Surfaces to Disinfect at Home and Work

Your Computer Keyboard & Mouse

Essential Surfaces to Disinfect Computer Keyboard and Mouse

We’ll start with one of the perhaps more obvious surfaces to disinfect – your computer keyboard and mouse.

While you’ll probably notice the crumbs and bits of dust that have probably fallen in-between some of the keys, what you won’t know is that keyboards hold a lot of hidden bacteria and microorganisms.

In fact, per square inch, there can be as many as 3,295 pieces of bacteria inside your keyboard and nearly 1,676 forms of bacteria lurking on your computer mouse.

The most effective way to clean a computer keyboard is to use an Air Duster Spray, as this will release all the dust and particles tucked away between the keys of your keyboard effectively.

Once you’ve done that, the best way to disinfect your computer keyboard and mouse fully is to use a Cleaning and Disinfectant Spray, whilst using a cloth to wipe away any hidden bacteria or germs that can often nest there.

Your Phone

An everyday essential these days but, no matter if you work from home or if you work in an office, it’s more than likely you’ll come into regular contact with using a phone.

It’s well expected that desk phones and home phones are likely to collect a large amount of bacteria and germs each time we use them.

But perhaps it might be alarming to learn that our hands which hold these phones can come into contact with 10 million forms of bacteria every day.

Therefore, phones are actually, just another of the essential surfaces to ensure you regularly clean and disinfect effectively.

One of the easiest ways to lessen the amount of germ buildup on your phone is to use a pack of Disinfectant Surface Wipes, making sure to not only wipe the listening piece on the phone, but to also focus on thoroughly wiping the mouthpiece too.

For any dust gathering on your phone, you should use a lint free cloth so that it doesn’t clog up any vital components.

Doorhandles and Doorknobs

In the average day, it’s a safe bet to say that we will push or pull open more than several doorhandles or doorknobs.

It makes sense then that these are yet more surfaces to be cautious of and to make sure to thoroughly clean and disinfect whenever possible.

According to research, harmful bacteria like flu viruses can last for up to at least 24 hours after being present on a doorhandle or doorknob, making it the most common way to spread common colds and flu symptoms.

Due to this, these surfaces will need to be maintained and correctly cleaned more regularly than others, so a few squirts of Antibacterial Spray directly on the handle of most doors is enough to lessen the spread of harmful germs transferring from person to person.

It’s also useful to be wary when you’ve pulled or pushed through a door to get into the habit of using Hand Cleaning Wipes to attempt to remove most of the bacteria that can settle on them without you knowing.

Your Kitchen


If you don’t have a weekly or daily cleaning and disinfecting schedule in place for your kitchen at home or at work, now is certainly the time.

A study carried out by Initial Washroom Hygiene reveals that the office or home kitchen could be less hygienic than a bathroom or washroom.

Following the study, an article from The Independent provides comments from Dr Peter Barratt on why workers should be more aware of the levels of hygiene in shared workplace kitchens, explaining:

“If you stop to think about the number of different hands that touch things such as the kettle handle, tea bag box lid, mugs, and so on, the potential for cross contamination really adds up”

Dr Barratt then adds suggestions on how to stop the spread of common illnesses which can stem from kitchen, citing:

“Using anti-bacterial wipes on kitchen surfaces and regularly cleaning your mug can pay huge dividends in terms of maintaining a healthy workforce”

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