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Enter a Winter Wonderland with Christmas 2018 Special Stamps

Carrying on the yearly tradition of themed stamps comes the Christmas 2018 Special Stamps, an eclectic collection full of seasonal spirit and Christmas cheer!

For this year’s season stamps release, the Royal Mail have elected to base the design of their Christmas 2018 Special Stamps upon their iconic red post boxes in a variety of snowy environments. This delightful imagery is presented as a series of illustrations by artist Andrew Davidson. Using a Gouache technique, each stamp design is brought to life through a palate of vivid colours amongst wintry scenes of everyday life in the countryside and within towns.

1st Class (Standard and Large)

1st Class Christmas 2018 Special Stamps1st Class Large Christmas 2018 Special Stamps

Amongst the hustle and bustle of a busy town centre adorned with bright Christmas lighting and crowds of people is where Davidson’s 1st Class design leads us. With a tall, glistening Christmas Tree placed in the background along with what can only be identified as a town hall, this design suddenly brings focus to a traditional pillar postbox. At the postbox is a crouching postwoman, collecting bags upon bags of seasonal mail and packages. This illuminating scene is complimented by a snowy white sky, the essence of what we come to expect from the seasonal weather.

2nd Class (Standard and Large)

2nd Class Christmas 2018 Special Stamps2nd Class Large Christmas 2018 Special Stamps

The next of Davidson’s spirited designs, the 2nd Class, is set upon a wintery scene and features a postbox mounted upon a snowy hill. Surrounded by holly and other seasonal plant life, a gentleman wearing a blue beanie hat and jacket ensemble carefully helps a young girl to post a card and several other letters into the post box opening. This heartwarming scene displays the age wide appeal of what makes Christmas so special and will bring a warmth to anyone’s heart.


Christmas 2018 125 stamp 400%

The third of this wonderful design collection, the £1.25, is set within a village, with a fully lit house or barn in the distance of a field fully decorated by heavy amounts of snow. Walking towards the front of the design is a mother and child, both clutching letters and cards close to their chest. The focus of this scene is upon a bright red postbox mounted to a post in the same field, lightly dusted with flakes of snow. The scene is then completed by an adorable robin perched on top of the post box, further signifying that the joyous Christmas season has arrived along with the delicate snowflakes falling from the sky.


Christmas 2018 145 stamp 400%

Amidst a lively street lined row to row with houses dressed to the nines with seasonal decoration, this modern scene for the £1.45 stamp features a man carrying several gifts and bags of shopping in one hand, and a smaller Christmas tree over the top of his other shoulder. Directly in front of him stands a tall, royal red post box rooted into the middle of the pavement. Whilst perhaps more understated than the other designs in displaying obvious symbolism of the Christmas season, its charm comes from its reflection on more modern times compared to a more traditional view.


Christmas 2018 155 stamp 400%

The £1.55 stamp design features a different setting to the others before it, in that it features a day time scene. Whilst a sun is not visible to best display this, the bright blue clear sky creates the sense of this scene taking place at much earlier time of day. Accompanied by a trusty canine companion, an elderly woman features in an action shot of posting one of her letters, whilst carrying a brown parcel underneath her other arm. Seasonal decorations and trimmings complete the scene, with houses in the background displaying colourful Christmas trees in their windows and a wreath of holly placed upon one of the doors.


Christmas 2018 225 stamp 400%

The final of the designs, the £2.25, places some special emphasis on the more traditional aspects of the Christmas season. Amongst a collection of snow tipped tress and plants is a church building, with those visiting making their way out of its double doors. Joyfully making their way towards the front of the scene is what seems to be a member of the church, dressed in a crisp white and red gown and approaching a small wooden fence. Placed toward the left-hand side is a postbox attached to a pole in the ground, with the letter slot almost covered with a layered sheet of snow.

The Christmas 2018 Special Stamps Presentation Pack

Christmas 2018 Special Stamps Presentation Pack

Assembling these imaginative designs into one package, the Christmas 2018 Special Stamps Presentation Pack contains all eight stamps from the issue. Fully illustrated with seasonal cheer, it also comes complete with a poem taken from an anonymous Christmas Card sent and received during the period of 1860 – 1890, curated by The Postal Museum. Reading “How doth the little Pillar-Box, at every corner stand, and gathers letters all the day, from every sort of hand”, the poem perfectly sums up everything that makes Christmas post and the Christmas season itself, so special.

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