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Employees Need To Take Note Of How To Record Information From Meetings

If the results of a recent survey are to be believed, employees need to take note of how efficient they are at taking down information in notepads and notebooks. That’s because a shocking 90 per cent of office workers admit that when they put pen to paper they regularly take meeting notes either poorly or incorrectly.

One of the biggest problems appears to be the time lost in the working day when participants who take meeting notes spend a disproportionate amount of time deciphering or counteracting poorly or incorrectly taken notes. According to a survey, lost time equates to be 32 minutes or 24.7 hours per working year.

So what are the common note-taking problems that seem to be prevalent amongst office workers?

It appears that employees struggle to summarise meeting notes efficiently as we tend to try and write absolutely everything down being recited. What’s more many us habitually keep notes in different places and fail to put them in any particular order.

Part of the explanation for this apparent note taking failure is the fact that many employees feel too wary or intimidated to ask colleagues to slow down or repeat something when missed and undertake note-taking in such a rush that they cannot read their own handwriting upon reviewing meeting notes.

With these issues seemingly common amongst us, what can be done to improve our note taking skills?

One logical step is to be more selective in what we record in meetings, getting into the habit of capturing only key points including action items, decisions and questions that need to be answered. Secondly it is also wise to use symbols and abbreviations to speed up the note taking process. For example shortening months from ‘January’ to ‘Jan’ and ‘Quarter 1’ to ‘Q1’ can save valuable time during the note taking process thus ensuring no key points are missed in the recording process. Finally, it is always prudent to type up notes while they are still fresh in the mind.

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