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Published on August 16th, 2019 | by Sam Rose

The Ins and Outs of Eco-Friendly and Recycled Gift Giving

The old adage “It’s the thought that counts” when it comes to gift-giving has taken on a deeper meaning in today’s climate changing world. Giving an eco-friendly gift means being thoughtful for the good of the globe as well.

To meet these higher stands of sustainability, UK consumers are alright paying 10 percent more for a product or gift they believe positively impacts the world according to a recent survey by WE Communication.

This generational shift in spending habits also exhibits a change in the way we consider recycling and waste management when it comes to giving gifts.

Defining Eco-Friendly Gifts for Gift Giving

Recycled Carton Gift Giving

Eco-friendly products are often made from recycled materials intended to reduce things like plastic waste as Britain produces around 4.9 million tonnes of plastic waste annually and yet only recycles 1.2 million tonnes of it.

Avoiding gifts that contain heavy plastics in its packaging and assuring that any plastics will be conscientiously recycled is a step in the right direction.

In addition, when gift buying for the eco-friendly, avoid mass-produced items (often associated with construction in overseas sweatshops) and stick with those made from sustainable substances like wood, paper or glass that are free of lead-based paint.

Everything Old Can Be New Again When Gift Giving

From jewelry boxes made from repurposed bamboo to frosted glass tumblers assembled from tossed bottles to fancy stationary crafted from recycled paper, there are plenty of traditional gifts that started as something else and have been reborn.

Reusable gifts are also thoughtful and, true to their concept, will actually be used and reused by the recipient.

Coffee mugs, shopping bags, bulk food containers, straws and water bottles are just a few everyday items that make great gifts for office mates, the postal delivery man or neighbors who will think of you and the planet every time they reuse it.

Fairtrade For a Freer World

Fairtrade is a global movement made up of a diverse network of farmers, companies and shoppers putting people and the planet first.

The UK is a major supporter of Fairtrade practices which aim to offer better terms of trade to local producers and workers across the world to help support communities, worker’s rights and create eco-friendly production processes.

When giving the gift of farmed foods like coffee or chocolates and hand-crafted items like clothing or hand bags, look for the Fairtrade symbol to assure the products weren’t made in dubious working and manufacturing conditions.

Recycling Presents: Gifts That Literally Keep On Giving

The age-old question of gift recycling comes with many pros and cons.

If the gift has some value that a friend could use that you simply would not – think candles or bath salts – then that gift saves the giver money and the planet from yet more discard.

On the other hand, simply re-purposing unwanted junk that’s been sitting in the bank of the closet does not have the same thoughtfulness and could actually be construed as rude.

If unsure about how a recycled gift will be received then opt for donating it to charity fundraising events to be used in a silent auction where someone will truly benefit from your blind benevolence.

The UK is working hard to recycle more materials and that purpose is evident in a movement toward eco-friendly and recycled gifts that minimize waste.

In addition, more people are willing to spend a little more money to find gifts made from sustainable materials in a Fairtrade environment.

Today, as the world becomes more conscious of environmental issues, it’s time to focus on gifts that will please both the person and the planet.

This article has been provided by Ali Lawler.

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