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Draw Inspiration From Your Favourite Artist And Get Creative This Weekend

Did you know that tomorrow is designated as National Drawing Day?

Why not take a moment or two to think about some of those famous works of art you most admire and then perhaps how they might inspire your very own artistic masterpiece using everyday objects all around us. Some ideas of objects for consideration include every day kitchen objects or pieces of fruit.

Undertaking some colouring and drawing does require some basic technique so here’s some tips and advice to get started with a contour drawing:

You’ll require a drawing pad of at least A4 size as a minimum to get started along with the right sort of sketching pencil or pen.

There are many different types of pencil and it is important to have a range varying in hardness indicated by the ‘B’ number or letter to create shading contrasts in drawings. Beginners are therefore encouraged to have to hand an HB, a 3B and a 6B pencil. You’ll also need a sharpener whilst you get to work as the point will soon become dull and need refining.

It is inevitable you’ll make some mistakes that need altering, especially as a novice so having a pack of erasers to hand is also essential.

If you decide to use ink instead, it is worthwhile experimenting with a range of drawing pens to see what you feel most comfortable with choosing between fountain pens, felt pens and fineliner pens.

By drawing lines of contrasting thickness, it is possible to give the impression of something being closer of further away. A dark and think line will make it stand out from the page whilst a light or thin line will naturally sink more into the background of a drawing sketch.

One of the biggest mistakes made by a beginner is to have drawn an outline of the object concerned either in the wrong place on the page or not to the correct scale resulting in the entire drawing running off the page which means starting again from scratch unfortunately!

Known as linear perspective, one of the main principles to grasp when undertaking a drawing is to illustrate where objects appear to get smaller and closer together as they get further away.

Good luck!

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