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Published on October 31st, 2018 | by Sam Rose

Don’t Get Spooked by Security!

Whilst Halloween is where things might go ‘bump in the night’, there’s no need to be spooked if you’re using Fellowes security products!

Werewolves. Vampires. Zombies. Ghouls and Ghosts. These are all things you can probably be afraid of this Halloween. But amongst the scares and screams of this yearly occasion, your business and home security are something you shouldn’t fear if you’re using Fellowes products! From secure shredders, convenient privacy screens and essential shredder accessories, Fellowes have got you covered when it comes to fighting off real monsters of the world trying to get their hands on your data!

Menacing Shredders

Fellowes Shredder

Whilst a shredder can look a little sinister (those gnashing teeth for example), the only things it’s likely to gobble up are any pesky unwanted documents and the chances of devilish criminals getting their mitts on your personal information! Fellowes’ range of Shredders are available in Cross Cut, Strip Cut and Micro Cut varieties, which makes them perfect for the home or within the workplace. Each shredder contains either a large, medium or small bin, leaving no extra traces or mess when it comes to disposing and destroying any paperwork and important paper data! In the fight against data invaders, Fellowes’ Shredders will save the day!

Stealthy Privacy Screens

Fellowes Privacy Screen

With much of today’s life tending revolve around screen time and digital technology, you’ll need to keep important information concealed as well as a ninja would to stop serial snoopers being able to take a peek! Whether you’re on the go, at home or in the office, Fellowes’ range of Privacy Screens mean ‘lights out’ for any prying eyes! Simply clip one of their trusty shields to your monitor or to a laptop screen to create some distraction and illusion of a completely blacked out display to any potential creepers around you. Fellowes Privacy Screens mean that you can browse and type in peace, whilst any evil eyes won’t be able to get a look in.

Supply Drop Shredder Accessories

Fellowes Shredder OilFellowes Shredder Bags

When your shredding missions hit a roadblock, it’s time to call in a Supply Drop! Fellowes’ Shredder Accessories are the perfect range of products to allow your shredder to take a breather and be ready for your next shredding session! Out of Oil? Fellowes Shredder Oil will keep the engine greased and running at maximum capacity! Shredder struggling due to a full bag of shredded papers or particles? Send in a replacement Fellowes Shredder Bag, allowing you to empty the old and use the new one to collect up any worrying waste.

Where Data Monsters Lurk, Security Strikes!

So this Halloween, don’t be afraid of any monsters under your bed or quiver at the sight of any data stealing Boogeymen! Be secure with Fellowes’ range of Shredders, remain unnoticed with Fellowes’ Privacy Screens and stay sharp with some Fellowes Shredder Accessories! And remember, security doesn’t have to be scary!

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