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Do You Have That Holiday Feeling?

The start of the school summer holidays sparks as mass getaway at UK airports and ferry ports as many holidaymakers take a well-earned break abroad. So do you have that #HolidayFeeling?

Here are several points to consider worth noting on Post-It Notes that will be essential for any pre-holiday checklist before going away this summer:

Locate your passport and check it is valid

On the eve of your holiday departure date, a last-minute realisation the passport isn’t kept where you thought it was located or is out of date can cause unnecessary stress or worse still even mean that holiday eagerly anticipated all year might be a non-starter before it’s even begun.

It is vital to note that many countries require your passport to be valid for a particular period from the date of your arrival. Whilst this normally means a minimum six months should be left on your passport from date of entry, each country has its own rules on this.

Passport covers are ideal for protecting them from accidental damage and it is also prudent to make two photocopies of your passport leaving one with friends or family and taking the second with you in the unfortunate event it is lost or stolen whilst abroad.

Check you have all the other essential trip documents to hand

Flight boarding passes, travel insurance, entry visas and hotel accommodation booking confirmation paperwork are all essential items to pack which should all be collated together in colour coded plastic wallets for ease of retrieval.

Pack accounting for luggage allowances

Every airline has their own luggage allowance maximum weight for check-in suitcases and bags so to avoid extra weight charges which can be quite considerable, it is vital to maximise space and not over-pack clothing that won’t actually be worn whilst away. It can certainly help to wear your heaviest clothes and footwear for the actual flight too and an extra layer or two might be very useful considering the air conditioning whilst flying can make the cabin rather chilly anyway.

Ordering local currency

To secure the most competitive rate of currency, it is certainly sensible to order travel money in advance. Alternatively, if you plan to just withdraw money as you go along, it is vital to contact the bank and let them know because sudden overseas activity can mean a bank card usage is stopped without warning.


Ordering and collecting prescription medicines well in advance so that they are ready for collection before departure is also vital before going on holiday; sourcing such medicines abroad in a local pharmacy is often very problematic.

No one likes to consider they will require medical assistance whilst abroad; but as well as having adequate travel insurance cover it is also sensible to obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which will enable you to access state-provided healthcare in European Economic Area (EEA) countries for free, or at least at a reduced cost.

Using electronic devices abroad

Last but not least, when it comes to essential travel accessories required to pack, it is vital to pack a travel adaptor in order to be able to use electrical items whilst overseas. There are different types of adaptors required for various destinations around the world though some have two adaptors which is very handy like the Go Travel UK to Worldwide Adaptor.

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