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What Does Your Desk Say About You?

Take a look at your desk, is it pristine and tidy where you never misplace any vital documents? Or is it scattered with loose paper, stationery, ring binders as well as notebooks and notepads.

Your workspace is a snapshot of your personality and abilities according to researchers. So you probably won’t be surprised to hear that way we arrange our workstation to resemble our attitudes, goals and values. But is an untidy desk the sign of a creative genius or something far less complimentary?

Countless business psychologists have studied the significance of our desks and concluded that in many cases it is an extension of our own home and can reveal many of our personality traits. So which category do YOU and YOUR desk fall under?

An organised desk says……’re dependable and conscientious

People with organised desks tend to be reliable, task orientated individuals who plan well and get their work completed to meet deadlines.

Uncommon objects on your desk say.……you’re creative and open to new experiences

Individuals with original art or an array of unusual objects and artefacts on their desk tend to embrace new ideas or experiences and often have a creative flair.

Untidy desks say…….you’re either disorganised or have an artistic mind

Two trains of thought here, whilst the odd reminder is perfectly acceptable, a desk covered in Post-It Notes is likely to convey not only a techno-phobe but also a disorganised individual who is probably not working as efficiently as they should be. During business hours, stick to business – letter trays piled with items that illustrate your ex-curricular activities rather than proposals and spreadsheets could lead colleagues to question your dedication to the job in hand. On a positive note a messy workstation can also convey an individual with an artistic temperament and a lively, enquiring mind.

Inspirational posters and messages say…….you’re neurotic

People who decorate their desks with corporate motivational statements are typically obsessed with trying to motivate others by choosing to communicate and impose their values on others. In moderation such messages can have a positive impact but a desk and surrounds plastered with motivational speak probably mean you’ve crossed the line.

A ‘trophy desk’ says……you’re a people person, ambitious and energetic but sometimes distracted

The display of photos of family and friends tends to suggest a ‘people person’ motivated by relationships inside and outside of work. Whilst a couple of holiday photos are absolutely fine, a ‘trophy desk’ containing a plethora of beach snaps, souvenirs or a countdown calendar until your next break might convey you’d rather be elsewhere. However such ‘trophies’ can also demonstrate an ambitious, energetic individual often craving appreciation and attention. But remember to act your age and don’t resemble a toy store at your desk – stuffed monkeys, mini basketball nets and bobbleheads are most likely to indicate a lack of focus and lead others to question your priorities with so many potential distractions.

A barren desk says…….you’re an introvert

A desk devoid of any clues as to actually sits there might lead colleagues to make presumptions you can’t wait to jump ship and are not comfortable in your office surroundings. Either way it is the traits of an office introvert.

What is beyond doubt is that a ‘deskgusting’ desk containing bread crumbs, stained cups, mugs and glasses as well as plates and cutlery with remnants of yesterday’s lunch is completely unacceptable. As well as making the wrong impression, it can have serious health implications, potentially containing million of germs.

So, with all that wealth of information, one way or another it’s likely you could so with making some adjustments to your workstation to ensure you give the right impression as a cluttered desk often means a cluttered mind. There are plenty of desk accessories which can help you on your way, not forgetting the importance of office ergonomics to encourage optimum workstation productivity.

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