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Published on July 5th, 2019 | by Sam Rose

Crazy Chocolate Facts for World Chocolate Day!

To celebrate a whole day dedicated to the world’s favourite snack treat, we thought we’d reveal some rather crazy chocolate facts in the run up to World Chocolate Day!

We’re tea and chocolate mad here at Post Office Shop, and if you’re anything like the estimated one in six people in the UK that consumes chocolate every day, then you’ll no doubt be starting to get excited for World Chocolate Day on the 7th of July!

Whilst you’ve probably come across some of the basic facts relating to chocolate, we thought we’d dig a little deeper in the run up to World Chocolate Day and share with you some crazy chocolate facts that you may not quite believe at first!

Crazy Chocolate Facts

1) Chocolate Contains 600 Flavours

A mind-boggling fact to start with is that chocolate contains 600 different compounds of flavour, compared to red wine which contains just 200!

In fact, the flavour compounds in chocolate contain all kinds of aromas which range from peaches, potatoes and even cooked meat that transform and only create the taste of chocolate when they all combine!

2) Blonde Chocolate

Crazy Chocolate Facts Blonde Chocolate

If the words ‘Blonde Chocolate’ don’t sound familiar to you, it’s probably because amongst the common types of chocolate such as milk, dark and white, it’s largely been forgotten about!

Essentially, blonde chocolate is a caramelized version of white chocolate and was initially inspired by the 90-year-old chocolate producer, Valrhona Chocolate.

Other brands have jumped on the bandwagon with this type of chocolate since then but blonde chocolate has never really caught on, despite it being described as having a “delicately sweet taste, intense biscuit flavours with a pinch of salt, creamy texture and hints of caramelized milk”!

3) The Biggest Chocolate Seller in the World

Here’s a quick quiz:

If you were to name the biggest chocolate retailer in the world each year, who would you expect it to be?

Thorntons perhaps?

Hotel Chocolat even?

Well, it’s neither of those two (and it’s not any retailer on the high street either), it’s Brussels Airport!

Unusually, Brussels Airport sells more than a staggering 800 tons of chocolate per year and it’s phenomenal sales are said to stem from Belgians consuming an average of 8 kilos of chocolate per person per year!

Additionally, it’s biggest selling variety of chocolate is also Belgium’s most well-known one in praline – a sweet treat filled with a caramelized sugar-based truffle and coated in either dark, white or milk chocolate.

4) Smelling Chocolate Helps Us Relax

If you ever get a sense of calm and tranquility when tucking into a bar of chocolate, that’s because the scent of chocolate and its aromas actually increase our brain waves!

Chocolate creates signals in the brain which are activated by chemicals called methylxanthines, plant produced compounds that also help to improve some of our bodily functions too, such as concentration levels.

These chemicals are also present in coffee and tea, essentially meaning that some chocolate can provide the same benefits as drinking a ‘cuppa!

5) Chocolate Doesn’t Contain a Large Amount of Caffeine

Crazy Chocolate Facts Caffeine

And speaking of making a hot brew, you may find it bizarre to know that chocolate doesn’t contain a lot of caffeine, despite providing the same energy boost and mood lifting properties as coffee and tea do!

The average bar of chocolate contains just 10 milligrams of caffeine, with darker chocolate having the same amount of caffeine as is inside a can of Coke (roughly 33 milligrams).

At the same time, the amount of caffeine contained in dark chocolate raises depending on the percentage of cocoa solids in the bar – so if you’re trying to cut down on caffeine, make sure to opt for milk or white chocolate instead!

Satisfy your Cravings with Sweet Treats from the Post Office Shop

Crazy Chocolate Facts Sweet Treats

If you can’t quite wait until World Chocolate Day before you tuck into your favourite type of chocolate bar (and who could blame you!), then the Post Office Shop contains a whole range of delicious Chocolate treats from all manner of leading brands such as Nestle, Cadbury, Green and Black’s, Kinder and many more!

Not got a sweet tooth for chocolate?

Don’t panic, as we also stock an extensive supply of other non-chocolate based treats too such as Haribo Sweets and Fox’s Mints amongst others in our Sweets section!

However you decide to celebrate World Chocolate Day this week, we’re confident that the crazy chocolate facts we’ve shared above prove that there’s more to this everyday treat than you may have first realised!

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