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Published on March 21st, 2018 | by Jasmine Evans

Common Courtesy Day

Queue jumpers, finger clicking… people that board the train carriage before giving you the chance to get off. What about those people that never say “please”, or people that read your messages but don’t reply for days? Common Courtesy Day gives people the opportunity to be more… well, ‘courteous’ – even if it’s just for one day out of the entire year. 

A Definition of Common Courtesy

For many of us as children, courtesy and respect were the two qualities that were stressed to us by the older generation. We were told to “respect our elders”, and “say please and thank you”. But what about the other percentage of the population that just can’t seem to grasp the concept of consideration?

The aim of Common Courtesy Day is to practice common courtesy for one day, and encourage others to do the same. According to the Collins English dictionary, Courtesy is defined as: politeness, respect, and consideration for others.

How to Be More Courteous

Practicing daily kindness will not only make others feel better and reflect positively upon yourself, it can make you feel good too. Here are some examples of how you can celebrate Common Courtesy Day:

  • Greet people with “good morning” and “good afternoon”.
  • Give up your seat for someone who may need it more.
  • When you drink the last of the milk in the fridge, replace it.
  • Hold the door.
  • Place the cardboard tube from the toilet paper holder in the bin, and replace with fresh roll.
  • Refill the printer with paper when it runs out.
  • Pay someone a compliment.
  • When you ‘borrow’ a pen, actually give it back.
  • Contact someone you’ve not spoken to in a while.
  • Complain less.
  • Instead of getting mad, appreciate that the person that just barked at you is probably just having a bad day.
  • Feed the homeless.
  • Do a spot of cleaning at home or at work.
  • Leave someone a ‘thank you’ note.
  • Respect the environment – don’t litter, and maybe consider walking to work instead of driving.

The founder of Common Courtesy Day is a complete mystery, but we can’t argue that this is an amazing opportunity for us to implement more courtesy into our daily lives.

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