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Published on January 25th, 2018 | by Sam Rose

Coffee Better Than an Office Party

It’s estimated that nearly 55 million cups of coffee are consumed in the UK each day. But for any office environment, it can provide more than just a temporary energy boost. Here’s why.

What’s your usual morning routine when you wake up? If it’s similar to almost 77% of Brits, drinking a cup or two of coffee before you head out of the door is usually on the agenda. But the effects of a good cup go far beyond providing a quick boost before you start the working day. In fact, a recent survey carried out on behalf of coffee brewing systems giant Keurig has revealed that over 37% of employees surveyed stated that they would prefer free, daily fresh coffee over a company annual holiday party. If that sounds surprising to you, then you’ll be even more shocked to learn about some of the more unknown benefits it can provide in the workplace.

Sharing your Appreciation

Whilst it might seem like a small gesture, supplying fresh coffee, tea and other hot drinks in the workplace is a sign of appreciation to most employees. Being able to choose from a selection of flavours and blends shows employees that they are being catered to which only helps to spread positivity through an office. Providing fresh hot drinks supplies or even a coffee machine is a treat that shows acknowledgment for the efforts and hard work being put in by your employees. A small gesture such as this goes a long way.

Communicating as a Team

Working at a desk for 7/8 hours a day can be limiting and can often make employees feel distant from their fellow colleagues. Regular coffee breaks can provide a much needed gap in the work day and also encourages conversations between workers who may not get the opportunity to speak much during working hours. Within any business, stress can cause a huge hit to productivity so brief breaks such as these help reset thinking patterns and clear mindsets. Interestingly, the aroma of high quality coffee products has also been proven to have stress relieving effects and the ability to lift morale. So for a happier, healthier workforce, coffee breaks will become key.

Great Hot Drinks Range from Post Office Shop

If you’re looking for some fresh hot drinks supplies for your workplace, the Post Office Shop has an excellent and diverse range available. From Instant Coffee Blends to Instant Cappuccino Sachets, there’s a taste that will suit everyone.  Don’t forget your cups and mugs – extensive selections of these are available from the Post Office Shop too in the Cups, Mugs and Glasses section

Nescafe Partners Blend Fairtrade Instant Coffee

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