Office Clean Off Your Desk Day

Published on January 8th, 2018 | by Michelle Roper-Shaw

Clean Off Your Desk Day

If today is your first day back at work or school following the Christmas break, how is your desk looking? A little unkempt and untidy?

Well, it is time to start the working year as you mean to go on. January 8th is Clean Off Your Desk Day. Therefore, there is no excuse to have any clutter or left over tinsel left on your desk.

We often neglect cleaning our desks, yet at this time of year, the spreading of germs is at its height. Last year, over 34 million working days were lost in the UK due to colds and flu. Two thirds of these absences occurred during the winter.

Top Tips to Keep Your Desk Clean

Top Tips to Keep Your Desk Clean

Here are five simple tips to ensure your desk and working space is kept clean, tidy and most importantly hygienic.

1. De-clutter your desk. It is very easy for unnecessary paperwork, brochures and flyers to pile up on your desk. Shred or recycle any paperwork that you no longer need. Any papers you do need to keep are better stored in Ring Binders or Lever Arch Files. For items that you need to refer to on a daily basis, keep them protected in the Snopake Superline A4 10 Pocket Display Book.

2. Keep a waste paper bin close to hand. You are more likely to hoard clutter on your desk if you do not have a waste paper bin within arm’s reach.

3. Clean all your electronic equipment. Keyboards, computer mice and telephones all collect dust, food crumbs and bacteria. Get into the habit of giving these items a wipe down at the end of each day. Invest in some Computer Cleaning Products such as the 2Work Superclean All Purpose Wipes that are anti-static and contain disinfectant to give long lasting antimicrobial protection. To remove all the inbuilt dust and grime from sensitive equipment such as keyboards, laptops or printers, the 2Work Invertible Air Duster is perfect choice.

4. Add some plants to your desk. Bringing the outdoors in can help to reduce sick absences in the workplace. Offices containing plants contain 50-60% fewer airborne moulds and bacteria. In addition, introducing plants to office spaces makes employees 15% more productive.

5. Schedule a regular cleaning time. Daily or weekly, get into the habit of regularly cleaning your desk. The more frequently you do it, the less time it will take. It should take no more time than it takes you to switch off your computer at the end of the working day.

Organise Your Year with Sasco

Sasco 2018 Promotion

It is not just your desk that needs organising at the start of the year. Sasco year planners are an essential addition to any workplace. With various planning designs to choose from in poster style or mounted card formats, along a selection of wall mounting options, Sasco has a planning solution for you.

Plus, between now and 31st March 2018 you can claim a FREE ODEON Cinema e-Voucher when you buy one of these Sasco 2018 Year Planners.  See the range here.

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