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Classic Children’s TV Programmes Make A Comeback

Generations of young viewers have been captivated by some of the children’s TV characters that have graced our screens since the 1950’s. And many of these wonderful TV programmes now even have their very own set of stamps: Andy Pandy; Ivor the Engine; Dougal from the Magic Roundabout; Windy Miller from Camberwick Green; Mr Benn; Great Uncle Bulgaria from the Wombles; Paddington Bear; Bagpuss; Postman Pat; Bob the Builder; Peppa Pig; and Shaun the Sheep from the Wallace and Gromit series.

Indeed many much loved children’s TV personalities from a bygone era are making a comeback this year – 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of Peppa Pig, the 40th anniversary of Bagpuss and the 50th anniversary of the Magic Roundabout. Cinema releases of Postman Pat and Paddington Bear this year will be followed by the return of The Wombles to television in 2015.

Having already fondly reminisced about the earliest Children’s TV favourites, we’ve taken a look at some more of these much loved TV classics fondly remembered by both children and their parents.

Bagpuss originally yawned and stretched his way onto our screens in 1974 when 13 episodes each of 15 minutes duration were aired. Demonstrating the popularity of the programme created by Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate, the series was repeated a staggering 27 times charming the hearts and minds of several generations! The enduring appeal of Bagpuss was further realised when it was named the country’s favourite BBC children’s programme of all time in the 1990’s. Bagpuss is one cool cat and one cool brand with millions of adoring fans captivated by ‘an old, saggy cloth cat, baggy, and a bit loose at the seams’.



Paddington Bear was created by Michael Bond who was inspired by the purchase of a soft toy he named ‘Paddington’ which was in close proximity to where he was living at the time.  Originating from darkest Peru, the polite bear is fondly remembered for this old hat, suitcase, duffle coast plus his love of marmalade sandwiches. The Paddington Bear character originally appeared in a series of books from 1958 before making his TV debut in 1975. The much anticipated film adaption will be released this year as Paddington embarks on a new adventure.



Postman Pat was first screened in 1981 when 13 episodes followed the adventures of an approachable country postman accompanied by his loyal ‘black and white cat’ called Jess. Story lines of how Pat Clifton delivered his mail through the valley of Greendale and nearby town of Pencaster grew in popularity as he regularly encountered some of the local villagers. Following the initial success of Postman Pat, 141 episodes over nine series have been produced of this animated TV series which was inspired by John Cunliffe and Ivor Wood based on the formers’ local post office.



Bob the Builder, created by Keith Chapman and Mallory Lewis, 118 episodes documented the renovations, construction and repairs undertaken by Bob who became a global super star famous for his approach to every job undertaken ‘can we fix it? Yes, we can!’ which became a number one hit for the show’s theme song. Tacking a range of jobs for the people of Fixham, Bob and his business partner Wendy have appeared in 18 series where Bob is voiced by Neil Morrisey and the Bob the Builder brand has extended to include books, toys, clothing, magazines, DVDs, Live Shows and more besides.


Bob_the_Builder_Stamp (2)

Peppa Pig first appeared on our screens in 2004. During four series of the programme, Peppa, an anthropomorphic female pig was joined by her friends and family depicted as other animals who undertake everyday activities and display some of the characteristics of the animals on which they are based. As a worldwide success, four series of Peppa Pig created by Neville Astley and Mark Baker have been followed by various spin-offs including the creation of the Peppa Pig World theme park which opened in 2011.



Shaun the sheep is the leader of the flock ably assisted by Shirley along with Bitzer the farmer’s faithful dog and the rural farmer. Created by Nick Park, Shaun the Sheep was a spin-off from the Wallace and Gromit franchise which first aired in the UK in March 2007. 100 episodes over three series appealing to both children and adults alike have been broadcast in 180 countries around the world. A feature film based on the series is scheduled to be released in 2015.



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