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Published on November 5th, 2019 | by Sam Rose

Royal Mail Bring the Nativity Story to Life with Christmas 2019 Special Stamps

The Royal Mail invite us to step into the winter wonderland that is Christmas again this year with their Christmas 2019 Special Stamps issue.

The enchanting story of the Nativity comes to life this year in the form of the Christmas 2019 Special Stamps issue.

This year’s thrilling designs are presented in a distinctive style due in part to the internationally renowned husband and wife design team, Hari and Deepti.

With a central focus on the powerful connection between light and the Christmas season, each stamp design has been based around the presence of light glowing warmly through layers of finely carved paper, illustrating key characters and themes relating to the Nativity story from a breathtaking new perspective.

The presence of light, a recurring symbol of love and wisdom throughout the Bible, helps to truly express the spirit and tradition of the Christmas season through these lovingly crafted Special Stamps designs.

Take a closer look at this stunning collection below:

Christmas 2019 Special Stamps

1st Class (Standard and Large)

Christmas 2019 1st Class

The first of these impactful stamp designs depicts Mary holding baby Jesus amongst a warm amber and orange tinted background glow.

Noticeable in this design is a bright shining star present amongst a scattering of many other tiny stars with shadows of some buildings standing tall in the nearby distance.

2nd Class (Standard and Large)

We see a contrast in colour in the next of these designs, as the scene is dominated by a cool blue background glow with imagery featuring an angel flying amongst a sky littered with stars.

Another bright shining star is present here and is a prevalent theme amongst these stamps, with the star here projecting a calming light around those who are featured in this scene.


A golden glow engulfs this next design, with Joseph seen to be travelling across the open sands towards a nearby town whilst carrying his walking staff in tow.

More focus is put onto the main shining star here, as many of the other stars in the background of the scene blend in as if they have been scattered amongst the rich golden background.


A slightly brighter gold has been used for this particular design, as an effect almost akin to a vignette has been used to in order to draw attention to baby Jesus asleep among layers of hay.

The scene also contains a few animals who are close by and watching baby Jesus, providing a sense of warmth and protection that the animals offer him as he soundly sleeps.


We can tell from this design that the scene being retold is one of the Shepherds paying attention to and then attempting to follow the bright shining star in the nearby distance.

A herd of sheep can also be seen looking on into the sky, albeit in a silhouette form, as a green glow covers the scene to evoke a sense of mystery and great wonder.


Lastly, the scene featured in this stamp design is the recognizable presence of the Three Wise Men, who are basked in a purple glow whilst holding out their gifts to present to baby Jesus.

Adorning uniquely decorated cloaks, this design captures the beginning of the journey of the Three Wise Men as they travel across great stretches of land in order to reach the stables where Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus are sheltered.

The Christmas 2019 Special Stamps Presentation Pack

Assembling these heartwarming designs into one package, the Christmas 2019 Special Stamps Presentation Pack contains all eight special stamps from the issue.

This elegantly crafted pack mirrors much of the detailed, contemporary style which is present on the stamps and has been written by acclaimed theologian Professor Ann Loades.

Once opened out, the pack contains a memorable quote taken from the Authorized Version of the Bible (The King James Bible), reading as “Praise ye him, sun and moon: praise him, all ye stars of light” Psalm 148.3, providing any collector with the true spirit of Christmas and helps to wrap up the sheer magic and tradition that we now know as the Nativity Story.

Christmas 2019 Main Article Image

Other collectibles included as part of the Christmas 2019 Special Stamps issue are:

• A Stamp Card Pack containing each of the eight featured designs in full-framed detail plus an additional image of the Miniature Sheet.

• A Collectors Sheet including 8 x 2nd Class Stamps, 8 x 1st Class Stamps, 1 x £1.35 Stamp, 1 x £1.55 Stamp, 1 x £1.60 Stamp and 1 x £2.30 Stamp placed on an illustrated, starry background with a quote from The King James Bible.

The Christmas 2019 Special Stamps are out now, so click here to order this unique issue from the Post Office Shop today!

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