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Choosing the Right Shredder for You

Data security is of paramount importance. Even in this digital world it is estimated that the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year. Therefore, shredding confidential documents securely is essential in our business and personal lives.

Identity theft is a growing issue. 43% of all identity theft is caused by physical documents. Fellowes, the office shredding equipment specialists have undertaken their own research into data security in the workplace.

  • 66% of all workers have exposed sensitive information outside the workplace.
  • 27% of all workers have read copies of company plans and decisions left by managers on a photocopier, fax machine, scanner or printer.
  • 23% of all workers admit to leaving papers on a public transport.
  • 20% of all workers throw sensitive information in the bin (not the shredder).
  • 15% of all workers have left confidential material in a pub and a further 12% in a cafe or restaurant.
  • 11% of all workers leave confidential papers on their desk or in a meeting room.

Fellowes data security infographic

Choosing The Right Shredder

Whether you are buying a paper shredder for business or personal use, here are three important questions to consider.

  • Where will the shredder be used?
  • What level of security is required?
  • What additional features do you require?

The way paper is shred determines the security level (DIN) of an individual paper shredder.  The higher the DIN level the higher the protection against data and identity fraud.

  • High Security Shredder: DIN Level 6 – Shreds an A4 sheet into approximately 15,000 pieces
  • Super Micro-Cut Shredder: DIN Level 5 – Shreds an A4 sheet into approximately 6,000 pieces
  • Micro- Cut Shredder: DIN Level 4 – Shreds an A4 sheet into approximately 2,000 pieces
  • Cross-Cut Shredder: DIN Level 3 – Shreds an A4 sheet into approximately 320 pieces
  • Strip Cut Shredder: DIN Level 2 – Shreds an A4 sheet into approximately 36 pieces

Paper Shredders for the Home

In the home, it is important to destroy items such as junk mail securely. A basic strip cut shredder is the ideal choice. However, for many of us who also work from home, a high security shredder may be required, cross cut shredders provide enhanced security for confidential documents.

It is worth bearing in mind whether you will need to shred other items such as credit cards, CD/DVDs, staples and paper clips. Many shredders will have this functionality to save you valuable time unpicking staples and removing paper clips before you start shredding.

Paper Shredders for Business

For businesses there are many considerations to take into account when choosing a paper shredder. The size and nature of your business will determine the right one to meet your requirements.

Speed will be of the essence but time consuming paper jams are a definite no, no.  Look for a shredder with jam-free functionality to prevent any unnecessary delays.

In an office with multiple users, confidentiality will be an issue. Therefore, a PIN password protected shredder may be required.

Safety is also a key issue. Paper shredders with auto stop functionality will ensure no accidents to hands and fingers during use.

In open office environments, silent paper shredders may be preferable. No one wants the distraction of the constant hum of a shredder distracting them during the working day. Auto shut off functionality is also desirable to save energy and prevent the overheating of the machine.

Fellowes Shredder Range

Fellowes’ expertise in data security and privacy has enabled them to produce a comprehensive range of Fellowes Shredders suitable for the home and office. A range of Fellowes Shredder Accessories including oil and disposal bags is also available, here at the Post Office Shop.

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