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Published on March 30th, 2017 | by Michelle Roper-Shaw

Choosing the Right Whiteboard for You

There is more to choosing the right whiteboard than you might first imagine. With different surfaces, sizes and frames to choose from, which is the whiteboard for you?

Whether you are buying a whiteboard for your home, classroom or business, here are the main points you should consider.

Whiteboard Surface Type

Choosing the right surface type is the most important consideration when you are looking to buy a whiteboard.

  • Is the whiteboard easy to erase?
  • How frequently will it be used, every day, a few times a week, a few times a month?
  • Is it magnetic?
  • Does it leave ghosting marks?
  • Is it scratch or dent resistant?
  • How long will it last?

For everyday use in an office or other professional capacity, erasability is the most important factor. Not only to maintain a clear surface but also for confidentiality, particularly if several different groups of people use the whiteboard on a regular basis.

Flatter, more durable whiteboard surfaces such as glass and enamel resist the build-up of ink and so ghosting will not be a problem. These surfaces won’t leave marks or residue and will look whiter or cleaner for longer.

Glass is the best surface for complete erasability and durability. It can withstand high volume use, perfect for meeting rooms and conference suites. Glass has also the added benefit of a smart, design look

Enamel is a good choice for frequent use. The surface is smooth and required minimal maintenance. It is ideally suited for regular office use, training rooms or other learning spaces.

Stainless Steel is cheaper than glass and enamel and suited to infrequent use. Ideal if you are looking for a whiteboard for a small office or the home where ghosting and staining may not be of high importance.

Whiteboard Size

You need to consider where your whiteboard is to be placed and how it is to be used. If its main purpose is for collaborative working such as workshops or training, you may find a larger whiteboard is required.

If your whiteboard is mainly for leaving messages and reminders or where space is at a premium, a more compact size would be preferable.

Whiteboard Durability

The surface of the whiteboard will impact on its future durability. Cheaper, stainless steel surfaces will eventually scratch, whereas glass and enamel will last longer and are ideal for heavy duty, everyday use. In addition, the better the surface, the longer the manufacturer warranty.

NOBO Launch New Range of Whiteboards

Nono Clean whiteboards from NOBO

Available now at the Post Office Shop is top visual communications brand NOBO’s new range of whiteboards. Distinguished by surface type, there is a NOBO whiteboard for every situation. Whether you are looking for a Basic Melamine Whiteboard to write shopping lists in the home or record lesson timetables at school or plans in the office you will find the right whiteboard for you.

You will be impressed by the high quality and great value for money NOBO Whiteboards provide. Each whiteboard also comes with a guarantee to give you extra peace of mind.

Diamond™ Glass with a lifetime guarantee

Prestige™ Enamel with a lifetime guarantee

Nano Clean™ Steel Magnetic Whiteboards with a 15-year guarantee

Classic™ Steel with a 10-year guarantee

If you need any further help in choosing the right whiteboard for you check out NOBO’s Whiteboard Selector to guide you through the choices available.

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