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Are You Charged Up For National Battery Day?

You probably aren’t aware, but today is National Battery Day. Can you imagine life without them? Thanks to this inspired invention by Italian physicist Alessandro Volta way back in the 1800’s, now in the modern era they power all our every day must-have gadgets including mobile phones, cameras, laptops, iPods and plenty more besides.

When we don’t have a battery charger to hand it can be more than a little inconvenient. In fact it can be incredibly frustrating when one of those essential day to day battery operated items we can’t live without (notably laptops and smartphones), run out of power so here’s a few simple tips to make sure you aren’t caught short in future:

Laptop battery

Both Mac and Windows machines have energy saving settings which should be utilised when working remotely. Dimming the screen to the lowest comfortable level will help achieve maximum battery life and may provide up to an extra hour of operating time. Disabling startup items will stop open applications spilling over into virtual memory which can cause batteries to consume power faster than necessary. Remembering to condition the battery by initially charging it to 100 per cent then discharging it completely before recharging it again will help the battery remember just how much electrical charge it can hold.

Smartphone battery

Unknown to many, vibrations actually use up more battery power than ring tones. So wherever possible it is better to have a ring tone on, even if it is at a very low volume setting for minimal distraction. As is the case with laptops, dimming the screen of a smartphone is equally relevant to maintain the battery life. Switching off the phone completely, even for a short period can be very beneficial for reducing energy consumption. Disabling apps and GPS on a smartphone when not in use can also save vital battery life.

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