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Published on August 1st, 2018 | by Sam Rose

Celebrating Yorkshire Brands on Yorkshire Day

Today marks Yorkshire Day, a day dedicated to celebrating everything that is Yorkshire. If you don’t live in Yorkshire or haven’t visited Yorkshire before, you might not realise some of the famous brands that originate from the county

Popped a Yorkshire Tea or Tetley tea bag into a brew recently? Or how about keeping cool in last month’s heatwave with a bottle of Harrogate Spring Water? Perhaps it was just a sneaky delve into the Fox’s Biscuits box? All of these mentioned brands come from Yorkshire, and they’re proud of it! As today is Yorkshire Day, we felt we’d take a look at some recent happenings from these Yorkshire brands!

Russell Crowe Receives ‘Crowe’s Tea’

Famous actor Russell Crowe is a huge fan of Yorkshire Tea. So much so that on his 54th birthday this year, he received his very own personalized box from Taylors of Harrogate! Crowe instantly took to his Instagram and Twitter accounts to thank the company for sending him a box of ‘Crowe’s Tea’, accompanying his post with the words: “To my friends and lovers @Yorkshiretea, so very kind of you. I’m having a brew right now in your honour.” And it seems that his thousands of followers were a fan of the gesture too, as the post racked up over 3,500 likes within the first hour of being posted! Crowe had previously also visited the official Yorkshire Tea headquarters based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire to receive a tour of the premises and play an indoor gig with his band. Truly a man of many talents!

Tetley Pledge to Plastic Free

In response to other companies making a commitment to go plastic free in the future, leading tea brand Tetley announced their intention to produce plastic free tea bags. It was announced in March that Tetley would begin to trial a new alternative at it’s manufacturing plants across the country. The new bags are planned to be “100 per cent biodegradable and free from polypropylene”. Confirming the trialing process, the company stated “We are aware of the recent concerns over the small amounts of plastic in teabags and we take our responsibilities to the environment seriously. If the new materials meets all of our requirements, we will review options to transfer our manufacturing to this new material as part of our commitment to source more sustainable and biodegradable alternatives to plastic.”

Harrogate Spa Reveal A ‘Magic Trick’

During a recent survey, it was revealed that 95% of people who purchase bottled water are likely to recycle it at home, but only 41% would make sure to recycle it when out and about. Looking to help buck this trend, Harrogate Spa recently teamed up with charity Keep Britain Tidy in a brand new campaign to stop bottles falling into public rubbish bins. ‘The Incredible Shrinking Bottle’ campaign aims to educate the public on the benefit of shrinking bottles for later recycling, rather than discarding them in public waste bins. With the slogan of “twist it, cap it, recycle it”, both Keep Britain Tidy and Harrogate Spa are hoping the campaign inspires many to perform some recycling magic!

Fox’s Biscuits Expand Their Crunch

Back in February, Fox’s Biscuits made the announcement of 74 new full-time job positions at its main factory in Batley. With 700 permanent employees and almost 600 other temporary workers, the new job positions will no doubt help during the Christmas rush! And with 550 tonnes of biscuits produced a week, there needs to be plenty enough crunch to go around!

Batley and Spen MP Tracy Brabin, who worked at the factory during her teenage years, showed her delight at the news after a previous visit to the factory premises. “I am thrilled to hear that a fantastic local business that is so committed to the community is continuing to thrive at a time of great economic uncertainty. I was also very encouraged to hear about the firm’s dedication to training and upskilling their staff, something that is vital with the increased automation of industry we will see over the coming years.”

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